Flavored Waters

Utah is heating up for the summer, and we are trying to steer clear of too many sodas and pregnant swollen feet! We came up with a few flavored water combos we are just dying over!

Grapefruit + Lime

boxwood clippings_flavored watersWe fell in love with grapefruit water at Emily’s shower, but with a touch of lime it is even more delicious!

Lemon + Mint

boxwood clippings_flavored watersWe were hesitant to add mint to our regular lemon water, but it is our new fave! It is AMAZING!!!

Strawberry + Basil + Cucumber

boxwood clippings_flavored watersWe used frozen strawberries for an extra chilled drink and added a little basil and cucumber. So yummy!

We hope you like these combos as much as we do and dare you to open your fridge to see what flavors you can add to make a refreshing and healthy drink!

Let us know what you discover!

4 Responses to “Flavored Waters”

  1. Terri clayton Says:

    Did you use a frozen strawberry?

  2. Cathy Says:

    Do you just slice and add to the water? No squeezing of juice, etc? Do you throw a pitcher together and let it sit or make one glass at a time? Thanks! Looks delicious and refreshing, we just moved to AZ and I could use something cool to sip on :)

  3. Sarah Says:

    Terri, yes the strawberries were frozen! Cathy, we did these per glass, but there’s no right or wrong way. It’s more convenient to make up a whole pitcher and yes we added mainly just the slices but squeezed in a bit of juice too from the ends of the fruit.

  4. KATHYSUE Says:

    I am going to try all three of these throughout this summer, thanks for the suggestions,