Em’s Pantry: Take Two!

I absolutely hate it when I’ve just been grocery shopping and come back staring at the pantry like I have nothing to eat. It makes me feel like I have no idea what I just all that money on!

To streamline our pantry’s snack options I picked up THIS chalkboard sticker.

boxwood clippings_pantry organization

boxwood clippings_pantry organization

Not only does it help me keep track of pantry inventory, it is also easier to make smart food choices. Instead of immediately diving into the chocolate bin, I at least consider the healthier snack options!

Do you have a food inventory system? We’d love to hear how you organize your pantry!

3 Responses to “Em’s Pantry: Take Two!”

  1. Lil Says:

    Link to the sticker is not working. Darn auto correct. :)

  2. Emily Says:

    Thanks, working now!

  3. LB Says:

    Great idea!