$5 Lack Tables at Ikea

One of our favorite items at Ikea is only $4.99 this month with your family card.boxwoodclippings_ikea lack side table

We love to use this little table all around our houses. Here are a few pinterest images of how people are using theirs..

boxwoodclippings_lack side table

boxwoodclippings_ikea lack side table

boxwoodclippings_ikea lack side tableboxwoodclippings_ikea lack side tables

If you don’t have a family card there are kiosks throughout Ikea where you can get one and use the same day! See all family card deals HERE.

2 Responses to “$5 Lack Tables at Ikea”

  1. LB Says:

    The little city-topped table is adorable! Very clever.

  2. chrissy Says:

    I so wish I lived much closer to an IKEA!