Lunch For a Working Gal

I find my day goes so much smoother (and healthier) when I pack a lunch for work. Eating out every day gets really expensive, takes a lot of time and often ends up with an overworked tummy and a sluggish afternoon. :(

Instead, I leave work lunches for special occasions and bring from home a protein-packed salad that helps get me through the day strong!

boxwood clippings_lunch for a working girl

This salad is just arugula and spinach greens topped with rotisserie chicken, cucumber, grapes, craisens, sunflower seeds with one of my favorite GF dressings, see HERE. Another favorite salad is THIS ONE…it never gets old!

I also pack a piece of fruit or handful of nuts for a mid-morning snack, and a little treat for mid-afternoon. And although I haven’t kicked my soda habit completely, I also sneak in a can of diet pepsi. This is my little treat mid-day and is so much better for me than running to the gas station for a 44oz!

Even though it takes a little prep the night before, I’m always so much happier with my day when I’ve planned my meals. Do you have any good tips for thrifty and healthy lunches?

3 Responses to “Lunch For a Working Gal”

  1. Erika Says:

    In my working office days I used to pack a lunch too mostly of fresh green salads, mexican shrimp cocktails or Mexican baked tostadas loaded with veggies, avocado on baked tostadas…you don’t have to make brown bagging boring or complicated. Needless to say those go-to meals for me attracted envy in the lunch room!

    Who takes care of your baby when you work?

  2. chrissy Says:

    This reminds me I need t o get back into bringing a salad to work. Getting a rotisserie chicken to make salads for the week is a great idea!

  3. Emily Says:

    Thanks for the comments ladies! I’m working from home right now Erika, juggling baby and work is crazy!