Mrs Meyers Peony Soap + Lotion

Mrs Meyers has done it again with this pretty duo…

boxwood clippings_mrs meyers soaps

Mrs Meyers Peony Hand Soap + Lotion

Perfectly pretty enough to gift, and smells like floral heaven.

$3.99 each and look out for $1.50 off two products coupons that are often attached to products!

Available at Target.

4 Responses to “Mrs Meyers Peony Soap + Lotion”

  1. Zarina Says:

    love this soap! where did you get the plate that is underneath them?

  2. Sarah Says:

    Zarina, we can’t remember where we purchased the plate, had it a very long time! Sorry :)

  3. Lily Says:

    Stopped by our Target last night and couldn’t find the lotion anywhere! Did you find the lotion by the soap in the cleaning supplies section, or somewhere else in the store? Thanks! Love all your great finds!

  4. Emily Says:

    Hi Lily, I found both the soap and lotion on an end cap by the cleaning supplies. I was recently in Target trying to find something and finally picked up one of those red phones. Someone came and helped me immediately who had a device to locate the item. Keep on trying, the lotion is amazing! Ps thanks for the kuddos :)