Simple Solution: Coat Rack for Hanging Wet Clothes

The laundry room has become a busy room in the Faubus house since the girls arrived. Two little ladies sure know how to dirty clothes!

Usually I throw most of the clothes in the dryer, but recently I’ve noticed the baby clothes have been shrinking even when we wash on cold. So the room has been covered with wet clothes hanging from anywhere I could find. Usually, the ironing board and cupboard doors!

We nipped into Ikea to see what solutions they had, and this coat rack (found HERE) won me over with a modest price tag of $12.99. Holler!

boxwood clippings_ikea clothes rack

Now when the clothes come out of the washer, they go straight on a hanger until dried, then either into the dryer for a “fluff up” or into the ironing pile.

boxwood clippings_laundry room

This simple and cheap solution has been working so well. Most of the time the room is looking quite decent and tidy.

See, no staging for this pic!

boxwood clippings_laundry room

Another thing I liked about this option is that it’s not permanent. That rack will come in handy whenever we have extra house guests. :)

5 Responses to “Simple Solution: Coat Rack for Hanging Wet Clothes”

  1. Meg Ruth Says:

    Love this idea! And I love your laundry room! Was it very difficult to paint the stripes?

  2. Jani Says:

    Great idea! Just curious about the clipboards on the wall– what info do you keep on them? It looks like such a peaceful space to do laundry.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Meg thanks for the nice comment! The stripes were one of those “free” projects we did while Brock was back in school, we just used some leftover paint from another project. The time and tedious part was taping, but once that’s done the painting goes really fast. Fun and effective way to brighten a room, don’t you think?!

    Jani, the clipboards are this new system we’ve been trying out the last month or so. We’ve just been sooo busy with the babies we needed a check list of things we needed to do when the girls were down for the night. The other board is a weekly, bi weekly and monthly “to-do” lists, this way we both have a visual of what projects need our attention, or a ‘go – to’ list of 5 minute jobs. So far, it’s been working great. I’m not such a nag when we can both see what needs to get done, and both be working on the list :) I’ll be blogging about it sometime :) Thanks for your comment!

  4. Emili Says:


  5. Mel Says:

    Absolutely LOVE the clipboard idea! Might have to try that myself!