The Dollar Tree Gift Wrap

Most of the time we keep our gift wrapping really simple, but sometimes we like to go all out. Either way, our first stop for supplies is The Dollar Tree.

boxwood clippings_summer floral gift wrap

boxwood clippings_summer floral gift wrap.psd

This gift wrap all came from The Dollar Tree: a roll of craft paper, black grosgrain ribbon (usually 5 yrds/dollar), and silk blooms. $3 total and oodles to spare for the next time I want to go cray-cray with summery florals.

The Dollar tree is a great place for basics such as colored paper, ribbon and gift bags, but does run out of things occasionally. We try to make a visit at least once a month to stock up on a few basics and see what’s new for the season. We try to look at items individually rather than an aisle full of not so great stuff. There are diamonds in the rough, and finding them is part of the fun.

Gift wrap is so much fun when you’re not spending a fortune on it!


4 Responses to “The Dollar Tree Gift Wrap”

  1. Jani Says:

    I love this! Can you show us how you did this amazing wrapping? Mostly I wonder how you attached all the flowers. Thanks for opening my eyes to treasures at The Dollar Tree!

  2. Margie Says:

    I’m in love with this color combination,,,,,,,heading off to my dollar store shortly,,,,,,!

  3. Says:

    Hi Jani,to make this look I first cut down the flower stems so they were only about an inch long. I then tied the black ribbon around the present as normal but instead of making a bow with the left over ribbon I tied around the flower stems. First, I placed the two bright flower stems in opposite directions and tied a half knot holding them in place and then repeated with two pale pink flowers. Hope this helps!

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