Worth the Splurge: Sophie La Giraffe

I’d seen this little Sophie everywhere, but a rubber toy for $25. I don’t think so!

boxwood clippings_sophie the giraffe

Randomly, my little ones both started teething around the 3 month mark. Not having much control over their little fingers they had a hard time holding onto things, so their hands became their only teething toy.

Luckliy, Nanny knew better and turned up one day with a pressy for each of the patients. The toy I swore we’d never own!

boxwood clippings_twin girls with sophie the giraffe

Little Sophie is magical, and my girls are both in love.

I wonder did her creator know exactly what he was doing? Her leg size make it perfect for tiny fingers to grasp, making her the 1st and only toy my little ladies could hold on to for quite sometime.

They really go to town, and I love hearing the soft squeaky noises of their gums while chewing the rubber.


I guess next time, I should not be so stubborn. And trust that if something has been around for about 50 years, it’s be tried and tested and is still winning…

go Soph!

(see HERE to order!)

3 Responses to “Worth the Splurge: Sophie La Giraffe”

  1. Nancy Jones Says:

    just way too adorable — the girls — the giraffe is cute too but he doesn’t hold a candle to those babies! Wow I’ve got to see them again and give them some snugs — so beautiful

  2. Kate Says:

    My Grandma would ALWAYS buy giraffe toys for new babies because it was easy to hold onto their necks. I’m due with my first baby in November and couldn’t bring myself to register for such an expensive toy! Maybe I’ll end up splurging after all. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LB Says:

    Yeah! I’m so glad you were surprised with these little Sophie giraffes. Your girls are growing so fast. They’re precious! Good luck with teething x 2. ;)