A Perfect Fall Panini

With fall in the air we had this perfect panini for lunch the other day…

boxwood clippings_fall panini, brie and apple with chicken

First, we spread the brie over our bread, then layered thin slices of granny apple and rotisserie chicken and grilled as normal in the panini press.

We loved the combination of the creamy cheese and crunchy apple…the perfect comfort food on a slightly chilly day.

Sar added a little brown mustard on hers for a little kick.

Playing around with such simple ingredients is fun! What are your fall faves?

2 Responses to “A Perfect Fall Panini”

  1. Kate Says:

    Thanks for this combo. I was scratching my head about what to have to a quick dinner tonight before the football game. This is perfect!

  2. chrissy Says:

    Sounds delicious!!!