Baby Moccasins

Oh how we love the look of a little chubby baby in a pair of sweet moccasins!

There are a lot out there with a huge price variation….

At the lowest price point of $10 or under, Old Navy offers THIS classic mocc and THIS  cute bootie. Faux materials, but pretty adorable for the price don’t you think?


boxwood clippings_baby moccasinsIn the mid-range, we have classic Minnetonka moccasins. We have several pairs and they are sooo comfortable. We love the simplicity of these moccs. They are a great price for a great product. These booties are available at Nordies, click HERE and HERE.

boxwood clippings_baby moccasinsLastly, we have the high-end moccs. These boutique moccs offer soft leather and oodles of enticing color choices. We love the look of THIS bow pair from The Coral Pear, and the color of THIS platinum pair from Freshly Picked.

boxwood clippings_baby moccasins

As new mummies we’d love your input!

Where do you stand on baby moccasins? Are you happy with getting the look with a faux pair from Old Navy or is it worth the splurge on an oh-so-pretty high-end pair?

9 Responses to “Baby Moccasins”

  1. Miranda M Says:

    Let me preface my comment with the fact that I don’t believe spending a fortune on your child is a great idea when they’ll grow out of things quickly. With that being said, there are a few items I’ve splurged on that I’ve never regretted. These items lasted, fit well, made baby (and mummy) happy and looked the cutest for the longest (average wear and tear shows on the cheaper options of all things).
    So I say go with the high end – while it hurts at first to make the purchase, you won’t regret it after that so long as you’ve gone with a trusted, quality brand with a return policy they can stand behind.

  2. LB Says:

    The high moccasins are adorable.

  3. Angela Says:

    I recently found another little shop that makes adorable baby moccs (base price for the smallest feet starts at $30 and goes up the larger the foot size) called Stitches & Soles. She has soooo many color choices, and you can add bows or fringe. I haven’t bought moccs from her (yet), but she was recommended by another IGer I follow.

  4. Emily Says:

    Thanks so much for this info Angela, we will have to check it out!

  5. Roni Says:

    Ok. So I’ve purchased all 3 (low,mid, and high) I got some gap ones. And they fell apart. So gabe won’t be wearing them. Then I purchased the Minnetonka ones. They were such a weird fit for bodes fat calves that they are in perfect condition. But gabe won’t be wearing those either. Ok. The freshly picked ones. Emily I talked to you about bodes moccasins. Well the thing is they’ve held up well and they stay on. Now I haven’t let bode wear his on a daily basis. Still stresses me out. But gabe has multiple pairs. All on sale. Still in the $45 range. Which isn’t bad especially when they hold up and can be passed down to younger siblings. So I wasted a lot of money on cheaper shoes when I really wanted the freshly picked ones. Also I have boys. They don’t need as many pairs of shoes as girls..

  6. Emily Says:

    Thanks Roni! We need to bite the bullet and get the girls at least one pair of freshly picked moccs!

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