10 Family Gifts for $25

The most wonderful time of year is upon is, but also the most stressful right?!

We are always trying to simplify, and one great way is to give family gifts. Here are a few ideas we love:boxwood clippings_10 family gift ideas for under $25

 1. Out-of-the-ordinary special treats. Jelly Belly’s are always a good idea. Watch out for them on coupon at Costco.

2. Awkward teenagers? They won’t be able to resist joining in when everyone else is having fun working on a puzzle. We love festive ones like THIS one.

3. A framed family picture is the perfect gift! Getting an actual print into a frame isn’t so easy when you are busy all-day, every-day with little ones! This is a super inexpensive gift when using frames like THIS.

4. Good old fashioned fun like THIS bocce set are great to gather a family of all ages. Only $7!!! Really?!!!

5. Gift cards for a family outing are always great. A favorite ice-cream or doughnut shop, a museum, the zoo or movies tickets.

6. Kids love a hot cup of cocoa, especially with their own special mug. Monogrammed mugs from HERE.

7. How about a Christmas-themed movie set like THIS?

8. I remember been enthralled by a massive barrel of popcorn when we were kids (see HERE).

9. We love the idea of having a family tree on the wall. Kids love seeing their names on it too! Learn how to make your own HERE.

10. We love family board games. THIS one is easy, fast and hilarious. Win, win!


Did you see Target is offering free shipping on everything for the holidays?!

We like the idea of avoiding the cold and crowds by shopping online…just need to make sure to order nice and early!

 Do you give group gifts? We’d love to hear your ideas!!!

3 Responses to “10 Family Gifts for $25”

  1. Jani Says:

    Last year I gave my brother and his family an “advent box” complete with an advent calendar (tiny numbered envelopes and string) and everything needed to do all the activities. Many of the gifts were little–like a printed story to read with a treat (like a boxed chocolate orange) to enjoy while reading. They LOVED it and told me they saved much of it to use again. Depending on how many days you do, I think it could be done for under $25.

  2. Krista Hansen Says:

    Have you played 5 second rule? I’m looking for a fun family game that teenagers will like.

  3. emily@boxwoodclippings.com Says:

    Jani, that is a fantastic idea. Krista, the 5 second rule is awesome. Teenagers will like it!