Festive Table Setting

We were floored when we saw this pretty dishware at The Dollar Store!

boxwood clippings_a black, white and gold festive place setting

Sure it’s not bone china, but for a dollar a piece it is pretty amazing!

Paired with a simple evergreen clipping from the yard and a little treat for after dinner it makes a lovely holiday setting!

Glass HERE

Dinner plate HERE

bowl HERE

How are you dressing up your table for the holidays?

4 Responses to “Festive Table Setting”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Great photo, I think it would be helpful if you did a post on place card embellishments, you know the arrows around Jane’s name. So effective but most of us have a hard time thinking what to do unless there’s an example.

  2. Krista Hansen Says:

    My Mom’s “fancy Christmas dishes” are from the dollar store! She sure treats them like fancy china! So pretty!

  3. Elena Says:

    I LOVE this look, so simple but classy. Where is that fab tablecloth from???

  4. Emily Says:

    Thanks guys! Kimberly – that is a great idea. Thanks! Krista- we’re glad someone shares our affinity for the dollar store :) Elena, the tablecloth is actually plastic table mats from Ikea. You can read about them here: http://www.boxwoodclippings.com/2014/08/thrifty-black-white-finds-at-ikea/