Gift Idea: $10 Boxwood Wreath

This year we have been extra busy with the babies, so we need to keep Christmas pressies super, super easy!

On Saturday, we made a quick trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up our favorite $10 Boxwood wreaths.

boxwood clippings_boxwood wreath

We tied a simple bow and tag and hand-delivered to a few people on our Christmas lists.

Can you get anything lovelier than a fresh wreath for a gift? We may be a little biased!

Do you have any easy gift ideas this year?

5 Responses to “Gift Idea: $10 Boxwood Wreath”

  1. Lucinda Says:

    Love TJ’s boxwood wreaths. The price is so low you can put a few around the house too.

  2. D'Nese Says:

    Love their wreaths. I have two hanging up on my own home. Never once did I consider gifting them. What a great idea. Love the added bow, too. Thanks for the idea. I’m sure everyone whom you gifted just adored it.

  3. dawn@joyfulscribblings Says:

    Love this wreath. I have it on my front door. So many great finds at Trader Joes this time of year. I love the pomegranate body butter and their hand lotion gift packs too.

  4. Alyssa Schroeder Says:

    Those are so pretty! I wish we had a Trader’s Joes here. I LOVE boxwood. The cheapest boxwood wreath I found was $45!

  5. Emily Says:

    Alyssa, we feel ya! We haven’t had a Trader Joe’s for too long. Have you seen the boxwood wreaths at Target? They are $45 but are preserved, so last all year long!