Baby Jane’s Closet: Organizing Hand-Me-Downs

Baby Jane is a very lucky lady. She is the youngest of many little girl cousins and therefore is the recipient of LOTS of hand-me-downs.

The only downside of lots of clothes, is keeping track of them all! I have a few systems in place to help make sure that cute little 6-12 mo dress, or those size 3 shoes will be worn without being lost at the back of a drawer.

My friends bought Jane THESE adorable totes from Target. These keep together things that I have lots of…sleepsacks, crib shoes, hats, and one designated for Jane’s memory box.

boxwood clippings_jane's nursery closet

I try to keep the hanging space to things she is currently wearing or will be shortly. It really helps me to see all of her outfits in one space rather than folded in a drawer. The left side of the closet is every day clothes, and on the right we keep cardigans, coats and dresses.

boxwood clippings_jane's nursery closet.png

I put a storage cube at the bottom of the closet to add extra storage. I’ve been loving the open shelving when I only have one hand available to grab a blanket. This cube is discontinued, see similar HERE.

On top of the cube we keep her current shoes and fancy socks and tights in the little boxes. Again, it really helps to have them out and lined up so none get forgotten about. So many hand-me-downs.

boxwood clippings_jane's nursery closet

boxwood clippings_jane's nursery closet

Any hand-me-down that won’t fit for another year gets labelled and stored in a large tote in the basement.

Thanks family for dressing our baby girl, she wouldn’t be as nearly as stylin’ without you!

6 Responses to “Baby Jane’s Closet: Organizing Hand-Me-Downs”

  1. Terri clayton Says:

    Love it!

  2. Kimberly Clayton Says:

    Love the wooden boxes for Jane’s socks. They are nice just as they are, and then you added that adorable ribbon. Are those from Ikea?

  3. Emily Says:

    Thanks Kimberly. The boxes were in the dollar section at target a while back, but I’m sure they have similar at Ikea!

  4. Chrissy Says:

    Lovely closet. I’m amazed that all her clothes are pink and white. Very pretty!

  5. Darria Says:

    The closet is so lovely! I cant stop looking at the photos! Thanks for sharing! Thumbs up! Greetings, Storage New Malden Ltd.

  6. LB Says:

    The wooden sock boxes are so clever! Nice closet design!