How we Organize our Diaper Bags

So far, we’ve discovered everything our mother taught us about parenting is true! “Being one step ahead” is something we’ve heard our whole lives, but now we understand how much easier and smoother our day is when we’re prepped!

We try (emphasis on try) to re-stock our diaper bags every night, so it is ready to grab in the morning without even thinking what the babes might need for the day.

Like organizing anything else, every item has it’s place so can be easily found and to equally easy to see when it needs to be replaced.

boxwood clippings_em's diaper bag organization 1


plastic changing mat

several diapers

small refillable wipe case and back-up wipes

diaper sacks kept in plastic wipe case (we love THESE ones)

antibacterial wipes (for baby and surfaces HERE)

wallet and sunglasses (we love our Hobo wallets HERE)

sippy cup

security blanket

THESE muslin blankets are perfect. Sold in a two-pack, one for home, one for diaper bag.


Extra complete outfit (onesie, clothes, headband). When our babies were younger we’d keep two extra outfits.

In the other side pocket we keep food and snacks.  Two bibs, baby food in pouches, and a bag of baby puffs (HERE) for easy on-the-go snacks.

In the two end pockets we keep one stocked with toys, and the other with a water bottle or two for mama and for baby’s sippy cup.

boxwood clippings_em's diaper bag organization

These hand sanitizer cases from Bath and Body Works are perfect to attach to the side of our diaper bags.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 10.15.17 AM

We love THIS diaper bags from Pottery Barn Kids. It is large, comes with a changing mat and has so many pockets so things don’t get lost.

boxwoodclippings_potterybarn diaper bag

Keeping our babies clean, fed and happy is a big task away from home. Having our diaper bags organized and stocked is key to starting a good day!

How do you keep on top of it all? Please spill your secrets, we need all the help we can get ;)

5 Responses to “How we Organize our Diaper Bags”

  1. Erika Torres Says:

    I have a 9 month old baby and while I do carry all those items mentioned above I also carry small baby powder and Desitin tube for diaper changes as well as Tylenol/Motrim bottle and Vick’s thermometer for the random times that baby feels warm when we are out and about and for peace of mind I want to make sure its not a high fever. Baby meds and diaper creams are essential on the go!

  2. Emily Says:

    Erika, such great additions. Thank you! Will defo add therm and meds to our bags :)

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  4. Melissa Says:

    This is great packing tips. Thank you! Is your bag navy or black?

  5. Emily Says:

    Hi Melissa, my bag is black, but I think it comes in navy too!