Simple Heart Artwork and a Mini Makeover

This post was suppose to be a DIY of this heart artwork I whipped up for Valentine’s Day. But I literally drew a heart on a scrap piece of wood and painted it with white craft paint. It took about 5 minutes tops, so there was really no need for a tutorial.

I do think it’s fun. How about you?boxwood clippings_black and white powder room

Anyhow, lately I’ve been really really loving the whole Scandinavian look. They do simplicity and style at it’s best.

So I thought I’d have a little play around in our powder room to see if I could mimic the look.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 8.56.56 PM

boxwood clippings_black and white powder room

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 8.55.06 PM

boxwood clippings_black and white powder room

 Natural elements along with strong metals and lots of white space were key.

It’s still not quite there, but I’m enjoying mulling it over.

Any suggestions?!

5 Responses to “Simple Heart Artwork and a Mini Makeover”

  1. Christine Says:

    Very nice! I’m loving that look too! And scrap wood is my favorite canvas for artwork.

  2. Monica Says:

    I would swap out the metal bucket for a softer, maybe wicker basket to warm up space with more organic material. Also a plant or small flower arrangement on top of toilet for a pop of color. Looks great!

  3. Kimberly Clayton Says:

    A perfect heart! A yes I definietly think you captured a Scandinavian look, good job.

  4. pamela Says:

    I love this! The heart is adorable. I am obsessed with that heart. The only thing I might add is a vase with some simple greenery or branches. Great job!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for your input ladies, you are so right, greenery would be a great addition along with some wicker.