Worth The Splurge: Mustela for Mommy and Baby

One of the nicest compliments we get is that our babies smell so good! It makes us feel like at least we are doing something right in keeping our babies clean and fresh.

We owe it all to our favorite baby products by Mustela. They are gentle, smell delicious and are super concentrated so they last a really long time.

Our favorites are THIS hair and body wash and THIS Musti “baby perfume”, which is perfect for a quick refresher in between baths.

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Nothing beats picking up your baby in the middle of the night to a yummy fresh baby smell…heaven! One thing is for sure, you will love these baby products so much, you’ll want to use them too!

Have you tried any Mustela products? Please share your favorites!

One Response to “Worth The Splurge: Mustela for Mommy and Baby”

  1. LB Says:

    Em, I love this photo of you two. Darling! Thanks for the Mustela tip. I’m going to be a grandma this year, so I’m taking notes on which products you recommend. ;)