Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is just around the corner! I love this day to celebrate mamas and womanhood. Here are a few ideas for any lady on your list.

mothers day gift ideas1. Personalized charms of loved ones initials are adorable don’t you think? THESE necklaces are perfection, and THESE bracelets are equally cute and a steal!

2. I am DYING for a silhouette of Jane. Her little profile kills me and I’m pretty sure all mothers feel the same! THESE custom silhouettes are under $10!

3. A morning brew can be even better in a pretty monogrammed mug. Love THESE from anthro.

4. When in doubt a house plant or flowers are always nice!

5. Have you seen the new hobnail candles from Bath and Body Works (HERE)? Totes adorbs!

6. Don’t we all need a little incentive to put on mascara day after day?  THIS cute bag would help!

7. Dying to try THIS new pale pink polish, ‘baby’s breath’.

Happy early Mother’s Day friends!

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