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Candles Made in Baby Food Jars

Monday, April 20th, 2015

We have a lot of baby food around here these day, and these little glass jars are way too cuters to send to the recycle pile!

We thought they would make perfect little candles and are so thrilled with how they turned out!

boxwood clippings diy candle in baby food jars

boxwood clippings diy candle in baby food jars

There are A LOT of tutorials out there on how to make candles. We kept it as simple as possible. We bought THIS wax and THESE wicks which we kept in place by bending the top of the wick around a skewer.

candle 3

Next we melted the wax in a double boiler, stirring constantly. When the temperature reached 170 F we removed from the heat, added a few drops of essential oil and waited til it dropped to 150 F before pouring the wax into the jars.

boxwood clippings diy candle in baby food jars

It took a few hours for the candles to set, and we finished them up by trimming the wicks and covering the candles with scrap pieces of fabric. We love how these turned out, and they were so much easier than we thought they were going to be.

Our houses are smelling yummy and we can’t wait to give this out as little gifts and favors.

Have you given candle-making a try?

Nordies Knock-off Salad

Friday, April 17th, 2015

One of our favorite places to lunch is Nordstom’s Cafe, they have the yummiest salads…and fries :)

Here’s our stay-at-home version that is almost as tasty as the real thing…

boxwood clippings salad



roasted chicken breast

granny smith apple

candied pecans (instructions HERE)


shavings of parmesan/sharp white cheddar


3/4 c canola oil

1/4 c champagne vineagar

1/2 shallot (about 1/4 c diced)

1/2 tsp minced garlic

2 tsp dijon mustard

2 tbsp sugar

dash of salt and white pepper


Blend dressing ingredients together and refrigerate for 2 hours prior to serving.

Slice apple into extra thin slices and layer onto a bed of arugula.

Layer chicken, craisens, candied pecans, cheese and dressing.

Top with s+p and serve.


Holler Dollar: Spiral Notebooks

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

We are constantly making little ‘to-do’ notes in our phone that inevitably get lost and forgotten about.

Sometimes nothing beats good old fashioned paper and pen, right?! THESE $.79 notebooks from Ikea are perfect to keep our week and priorities straight!

boxwood clippings hollar dollar ikea notebooks

We love a good notebook and a list to check off, how about you?

A Broken Mirror, Fixed!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

<<<   Thanks to Jones Paint and Glass for sponsoring this post  >>>


Do you guys believe in the whole ‘7 years bad luck thing’ when you break a mirror?

It took me 7 years to get pregnant with our girls, so I’m constantly trying to think back on what mirror I broke! Ha! Kidding…but only kind of!


I found this mirror years ago. It’s beautiful, apart from the middle was totally broken. Still, at $20 I thought it was a deal. When I got home I looked it up and discovered it was this one (see HERE) from Williams Sonoma, priced at $395! Score for me!

It sat in my basement for years, until one day I took it over to Jones Paint and Glass. I think I sat on it so long because I thought it was going to be pretty pricey to fix, but it was under $30!!!! Including clean up and installation! Wahoo!

mirror 2


mirror makeover boxwood clippings

It’s really one of the “wow” features in our new master, and adds the glam factor.

(Jones also cuts glass to custom size for all those random photo frames you may have lying around. I used them a ton in college when I was too afraid to cut my own glass in my framing class!!!)

Moral of the story: Fix things and enjoy them asap, rather than clog up your storage. Ugh, I’ve got a couch next on my list. How about you?

Sarah’s Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

Monday, April 13th, 2015

<<<   Thanks to Jones Paint and Glass for sponsoring this post  >>>


You guys, my bedroom is finally finished!!!

Last night after editing these photos, I crawled into bed and thought: what a lucky lady I am!

The bedroom of my dreams: white, bright, fresh, cozy, glam, modern, and traditional — all here in my sleepy place!

Take a peek!

boxwood clippings modern farmhouse chic master bedroom

boxwood clippings modern farmhouse chic master bedroom

boxwood clippings modern farmhouse chic master bedroom


We’ve been in our house almost 8 years, and this was one of the original rooms we painted. It was a blueish-grey (see HERE). I loved the contrast of the paint against the molding, but as time went on the darker color wasn’t doing it for me; I craved white and airy.

Brock was not super-excited about going back to white, but with the molding I assured him it would look a lot different than the track home we moved into. I’d lie in bed and visualize different molding options, and this one just seemed right, kinda like a Swiss chalet, or a crisp farmhouse. I’m happy to report I was spot on! The low windows and vault always looked a little awkward before, but now the molding totally complements the character of the room. Don’t you think?

boxwood clippings modern farmhouse chic master bedroom

boxwood clippings modern farmhouse chic master bedroom

All of our original furniture worked great in the new room, saving us a lot of money! We only splurged on the nightstand lamps for $20 each! (See HERE). Then I just painted some basic artwork for my frames and repaired a broken mirror I had in storage (but more on that tomorrow).

It constantly amazes me how paint and molding can really transform a space, and it’s really the best way to get the most “bang for your buck”.

boxwood clippings modern farmhouse chic master bedroom

boxwood clippings modern farmhouse chic master bedroom

 Do you guys have any painting projects you’ve been thinking of sinking your teeth into?

If you do, I hope you find our makeover inspiring! Get to work!!!


We’d love to give Jones Paint and Glass a major shout out! We have been going there for years and love to shop where all the professionals go. There’s a big world of paint out there, and Jones is the best of the best! We always leave happy and more educated. Thank you, Jones!



PAINT: Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint, Semi Gloss. (Custom mixed to match our existing trim work) Such a GREAT paint, especially when painting over a darker color.

MOLDING: Paneling, from a local lumber yard. Sold in 16′ lengths, 3″ wide. Brock ripped these in half vertically to save $$$!

BED: Pottery Barn Antonia Canopy (see HERE). Lucky find at Down East!

NIGHT STAND LAMPS: Ikea Barometer Work Lamp (see HERE).

STATEMENT CUSHION: Currently at the Gatehouse (see HERE).

MIRROR: Williams-Sonoma Channing Mirror (see HERE). Again a lucky Down East find (more tomorrow)!

(All others items are not currently stocked in stores)