FIVE ways to Croissant!

In the Faubus home, 2014 will always be remembered for 2 things:

1. The year of the twins

2. The year of the croissants!!!

Both of the things, were closely related, and both delish!

The story began when my friend greeted us home from the hospital with a tray of Costco croissants and chicken salad. Such a thoughtful gesture, that was quickly put to use when our encore of family arrived to welcome the little ones home. Food was the last things on our mind, but ever so needed.

The days, weeks and months later were fully consumed with the babies. I remember literally rushing downstairs thinking I have about 30 seconds to eat something and because I was feeding 2 babies I WAS HUNGRY. Calories were the best. These buttery croissants were heaven!

boxwood clippings 5 ways to croissant!

Here are my favorite ways to Croissant:

No.1 Chicken Salad: lots of mayo, chicken breast, sliced grapes and celery, plus salt and pepper to taste. If you use a rotisserie chicken this is one of the fastest dinners on earth, and is great for a crowd. Also, I’ve found that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. Plus it’s great to keep in the fridge for a few days. Perfect!

No.2 Nutella: Now we’re talking! Slice the croissant in half and pop in microwave for about 10 seconds, apply Nutella and pretend you’re in France!

No. 3 Jam and Butter: Prep croissant like above and top with jam and butter. Soooo simple and sooooo yum!

No.4. Sandwich: Turn your regular “to-go” into something special. I just love turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

No 5 Bread Pudding: So you don’t eat them all in time and they’re getting a little on the old side. Try out this recipe and be even more naughty!


I’ve never met a fresh croissant I haven’t liked, but Costco’s are my fave. Usually $5.99 for 12, on sale now for $4.99!!!

Obviously, I have a lot to say no the subject. Do chime in with your thoughts. Just don’t mention calories!!!

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