Summer Staple: Fringe Cardi

Hi everyone! It’s heating up here in Utah, how about where you are?

I should preface this post by saying, I know I’m not a model. In fact, I’m a size 12, which makes me a little embarrassed posting pictures of myself.

Summer is always a challenge for me to dress comfortably and cool without looking a complete wreck, but I just found a super light-weight swing cardi at Nordstroms that I know I’ll be wearing all summer long!

summer cardi from nordstrom | boxwood clippings

I can layer THIS cardi over everything, including my swimsuit to give me the coverage I want and still keeping cool.

Just wanted to share with case you need a new summer staple too!

4 Responses to “Summer Staple: Fringe Cardi”

  1. Terri clayton Says:

    Love it! I just bought a black one at Nordstrom. All the rage in the UK this summer……

  2. Julie - Lovely Little Kitchen Says:

    Super cute cardi, and you are adorable in it! I love all the things you all share here!

  3. Emily Says:

    Thank you Julie! You are a sweetheart!

  4. angela Says:

    So cute! You look adorable in it x