Cheese and Crackers for Lunch

One of my early memories is of me sat in our living room at lunch time, watching my 15 minute program, with my mother on her chair with a big bread board across her knee prepping crackers.


Today with lil mouths of our own, the crackers are back!

They are such and easy and tasty lunch at any time, but in these hot summer months we really appreciate little prep and no heat!

boxwood clippings | cheese and crackers


THESE crackers are our recent fave, (we’ve been finding them at Costco) they are gluten free so Em can enjoy too.

Topped with Brie cheese, bacon and basil.

(Our baby version is goldfish crackers and Havarti cheese.)

Paired with what ever fruit on had you have the perfect lunch!



One Response to “Cheese and Crackers for Lunch”

  1. Stephanie S. Says:

    Oh boy. Sounds yummy. My dad always did that. We would use cheese, bologna and homemade pickle on top. Still do today but use different flavored cheeses.