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Black Licorice Cat Favors

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

We spied these black licorice cats HERE and thought they were perfect for Halloween!

Paired with THESE little muslin bags and you have a perfect harry potter-worthy treat.

boxwood clippings | boo favors

We stamped the bags with ‘boo’ to make them a little more festive.

boxwood clippings | boo favors 2 png

Do you have a Halloween party coming up?  These would make such a cute favor!

Traveling with Kids: Activity Backpacks

Monday, September 28th, 2015

You guys! Sarah, Brock and the twins just returned from England!

They headed to the homeland to introduce the lil ladies to their great grandma, uncles, aunties and countless cousins!


Deep breath!

boxwood clippings | traveling with kids: their activity backpack

Sarah made the most amazing activity backpacks to help with the long flights.

THESE mini backpacks were the perfect size for the twins, and the leash attachment was ideal for when the airport was extra crazy and crowded.

boxwood clippings | traveling with kids: their activity backpack

Sarah kept the backpacks light with just a few books, snacks and a cuddly toy.

A few new toys from the dollar store such as pipe cleaners and stickers held the girls interest for longer than expected.

And a sucker for take off and landing to help with ear pain worked wonders.

This pic was taken the day before they left on the big adventure….they look a little suspicious that something was about to happen!

boxwood clippings | traveling with kids: their activity backpack

Bon Voyage little ladies!

Toddler Lunches and the Cutest Plates EVER!

Friday, September 25th, 2015

What seems like forever ago (before the babies), Sarah spied the cutest kid plates HERE. She’s always been a sucker for thick, high-quality plastic products!

Little did we know that it wouldn’t be too long before we would need all three plates!

boxwood clippings | toddler lunches
With a few picky eaters among us (Elizabeth and Jane), nothing is more satisfying when our toddlers enjoy a good meal!

These plates help things look so appealing, right?! And did we mention they cost less that $5 for all three?!

Two things we’ve learned with babies who are picky-eaters:

#1 Variety! These plates remind us to give the babies options. Sometimes they may not eat the whole plate, but they almost always try everything when options are presented.

#2 Babies are social eaters. We’ve found meals to be so much more successful when we sit down and eat with our babies rather than trying to spoon feed them. When we all sit down and enjoy a meal together it really encourages the baby to give the presented food a try.

Do you have any picky eaters in your household?
What are your tips to making meal times successful for everyone?

Holler (Almost) Dollar: Ikea Black and White Bowls

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

What is black and white and has dots and stripes all over it?

THESE cute new bowls from IKEA!

boxwood clippings | ikea bowl black and white

Perfect size for portion control and to stack up on your open shelving (HERE)!

Black and white forevvverrr…. xxx

Painted Pine Cone Garland

Monday, September 21st, 2015

There is NOTHING we love more than a simple project that turns the ordinary into something special!

While scrounging through our fall decorating tubs we found lots of loose pine cones begging to become something!

boxwood clippings | pinecond garlandWe brushed on some white craft paint and tied them together with a piece of twine…

boxwood clippings | pinecond garland 2

A five minute garland to spruce your home for fall, a great one for the kiddies as well!

Have a fab Monday xxx