Toddler Lunches and the Cutest Plates EVER!

What seems like forever ago (before the babies), Sarah spied the cutest kid plates HERE. She’s always been a sucker for thick, high-quality plastic products!

Little did we know that it wouldn’t be too long before we would need all three plates!

boxwood clippings | toddler lunches
With a few picky eaters among us (Elizabeth and Jane), nothing is more satisfying when our toddlers enjoy a good meal!

These plates help things look so appealing, right?! And did we mention they cost less that $5 for all three?!

Two things we’ve learned with babies who are picky-eaters:

#1 Variety! These plates remind us to give the babies options. Sometimes they may not eat the whole plate, but they almost always try everything when options are presented.

#2 Babies are social eaters. We’ve found meals to be so much more successful when we sit down and eat with our babies rather than trying to spoon feed them. When we all sit down and enjoy a meal together it really encourages the baby to give the presented food a try.

Do you have any picky eaters in your household?
What are your tips to making meal times successful for everyone?

One Response to “Toddler Lunches and the Cutest Plates EVER!”

  1. Miranda M Says:

    Having an older sibling or cousin around who eats what you’re trying to convince a picky eat to eat works WONDERS. Kids love to copy older “cooler” kids. These plates are a MUST to remind me to add variety to my girls’ meals. THANKS!