Cheese and Onion Pie

Growing up, when we were out on a cold, chilly night we would often stop on at the local chippy to grap a portion of fish n chips, or our favorite…a cheese and onion pie for a late-night supper.

Yum, yum, yum! Warm, cheesy goodness!

It has been wet and chilly in Utah and reminding us of those yummy nights, so it was time to try to create our own!

boxwood clippings | cheese and onion pie

You can use any pie crust recipe (we use this ONE) and HERE is the recipe for the filling.

The babies LOVED it, the house smelled delicious, and it was just what we needed on a chilly night!

You might want to give this a try before heading out the door tomorrow night, it will warm you through and through :)

One Response to “Cheese and Onion Pie”

  1. mary beth at MBZ Interiors Says:

    My husband loves something-onion as a side and this is perfect next to his steak, can’t wait to try it!