Cookies in a Box Thanksgiving Gift

December is always so insanely busy!
With shopping, parties, and everything else we’re trying to get ahead and are giving our neighbors’ gifts the week of Thanksgiving in lieu of Christmas this year.

boxwood clippings | cookies in a box
Cookies wrapped in parchment, boxed and tied in string, accompanied with a gratitude note will do the job nicely.

We think this would work great for c0-workers and friends too.
A nice little gesture of thanks and getting ahead on Christmas….holler!

PS. Boxes are from HERE!

9 Responses to “Cookies in a Box Thanksgiving Gift”

  1. Kelsi Salava Says:

    Cute! Where did you get the boxes from? I love the neutral and white combined with the twine!

  2. Tracy Says:

    Yes, where did you get the boxes they are perfect for giving baked gifts?

  3. Angela carter Says:

    Love this! Can you tell me where you purchased the boxes please?

  4. Pippa Griffin Says:

    I am crazy in love with this idea! Had originally planned to send guests home with a pecan pie – something that I could whip up quickly, bake easily, etc. But then I saw this and thought – it’s NOT about how fast I can do this……’s about what’s in my heart and sharing the happiness and true thankfulness of the season. So it’s going to be cookies just like this — with a little note inside for each person.

    I believe these boxes are available at Michaels – at least that’s where I’m off to – to buy all I can find!

    Thank you again for sharing this – it’s exactly what I needed! Hugs from the Rockies, Pippa

  5. Sarah Says:

    So happy you love this Idea! Good luck with yours! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! PS. boxes are from

  6. diedre roberts Says:

    I’ll bet the boxes are from Gygi’s.
    That is the go-to place for packaging in Salt Lake City.
    They also have mail order.
    I buy take-out boxes that are very similar {without window} from Smart and Final.
    Sleeve of 40 is about $15.00.

  7. Sarah Says:

    You’re right Diedre, Gygi it is! Never heard of Smart and Final, we’ll have to check it out, thanks!

  8. Sarah Says:

    The boxes are from Gygi in SLC, if you are local you must take a trip over there you’ll find EVERYTHING you need for your holiday treats. If you’re not local, the website is still good! :)

  9. Michelle Morales Says:

    Love this idea- good gift fog teachers and the school nurse too! Thank you so much for this great idea!