Ice-Cream Topped Hot Chocolate

On freezing snowy days in college we’d meet our friends post classes for a favorite treat/chill session before hitting the books again.

boxwood clippings | hot chocolate with ice cream

Choose your favorite hot chocolate. Prepare as you normally would and top with your favorite ice-cream (big scoop please).

Oh those days of yonder when we didn’t give a hoot about calories.
The holidays are all about having a good time and treating yo’self, and we are big believers in this in the food department (no surprise there)!

We dare you…invite your girlfriends over one night soon for for this delicious combo and a good old fashioned catch up.

We promise, good times are to be had! xxx

One Response to “Ice-Cream Topped Hot Chocolate”

  1. diedre roberts Says:

    Fun idea….I’ll just grab my 15 year old daughters and scoop and sip away!

    Thank you for always inspiring us.

    (It’s even nippy cold here in northern California)