The Perfect Gift: Affordable Custom House Illustrations!

Several years ago, I decided to illustrate my family members houses for their Christmas presents. They were such a hit; from those who had built their dream home, to those in their first apartment, they loved it, because it was THEIR home. Personalized gifts really are the best!

Since then, I’ve been loving taking orders and continuing this little side hobby, and now lovely readers I’d love to offer it up to you, just in time for Christmas!!!

boxwood clippings | custom house portraits

The illustrations are 4×6 and are framed. Prices start at $60 (most houses fit this rate).

boxwood clippings | custom house portraits

EMAIL ME AT: sarahfaubus(at)gmail.(com) if you’re interested!

We really do believe it’s the perfect gift!

(Especially for those picky people on your list!)

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