5 Ways to a Fresh Bedroom Everyday!

Ugh…the middle of January, don’t you wish you were in Hawaii right about now?! We do! We’ve been spending A LOT of time at home lately with cold temps, snow and sick babies…

Here are five small things we do every day to help make our bedrooms fresh and beautiful and a little haven when we are wishing we are someone else!

boxwood clippings modern farmhouse chic master bedroom

  1. Make the bed. Without fail our homes keep more in order and feel so much better when we take two minutes to make the bed in the morning! Weird, but true!
  2. Open the blinds, and let some cold air in! Sometimes even opening the blinds seems like a waste of time in the middle of winter. We are so much happier when we do, even though it’s only for a few hours of light. Opening the windows and letting some fresh air circulate really helps freshen things up!boxwood clippings modern farmhouse chic master bedroom
  3. Clear surfaces. Our bedrooms are so easily cluttered with baby clothes, water bottles, you name it. It only takes a few minutes to put things away and restore order!flowers
  4. Add fresh flowers. Sure, this is a luxury we all would like all the time, right? This is a $5 bouquet split into bud vases. Fresh flowers in five rooms of the house for $5…that we can afford!

    boxwood clippings |candle

  5.  A scented candle can be a little piece of heaven on a crazy day. We usually light it for a few minutes during nap time and enjoy relax for five minutes of alone time!

Although small, all five of these things can change our day around…

We dare you to do all five and see how great it feels to have your room back!

One Response to “5 Ways to a Fresh Bedroom Everyday!”

  1. Kimberly clayton Says:

    Ok I’ll do it! Bud vases are a great idea.
    PS your bed is beautiful