A Painted Wreath

Good Morning Everyone!

Wow, we can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. First off, we are so sorry for slacking on the blog posts lately. The New Year had us all gung ho, and then the cold-that-never-ends hit both our households…ugh. Not to mention; we were both little too enthusiastic on the organizing front, pulled out rooms and turned our houses upside down. That was two weeks ago and we’re still trying to pick up steam to finish. Eeek!

When all else fails, a small creative project aways boosts our moods and one afternoon Sarah grabbed her paint brush and gave a wreath a white-wash.

boxwood clippings | pinecone wreath-2

It’s she lovely?!

Before the makeover it looked like this. Nice, but not wow.


boxwood clippings | pinecone wreath

White paint never disappoints.

Now we’re wondering what else can we give a little white magic to?

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