Organize Your Home with Every Target Trip!

Do you have a goal to be more organized this year?
We do! This can be a very overwhelming, but working on it a little at a time and being consistent is the way to an organized home!

Here are our favorite tools we can pick up at Target with every trip to help us get and STAY organized.

Command Strips: If you like to change decor up a lot like we do, command strips are your best friend. They are perfect for hanging lighter items without making holes in your walls! We always have a few packs of medium-sized white strips on hand HERE.

boxwood clippings | living room spruce

Hangers: We promise your closets will feel like a breath of fresh air if you switch to using all the same hangers. For our kids’ closets we go with basic white plastic hangers…10 for $1 in store. Try out a few different kinds (velvet/plastic/wood) to see which you like best, then stick with it!!!

boxwood clippings_twin baby closet

Totes: Plastic Sterilite tubs are a must in any home! Our favorite sizes are 6 qt HERE and 56 qt HERE and we’ll pick up a few every Target trip. You will find the 6 qt tub in every room of our homes containing anything from craft supplies to makeup to baby socks. The 56 quart is the perfect size for storage….not too heavy to lift when full, and a good size to group similar items.

boxwood clippings | toy closet organization

Shoe shelf: Is there ever enough space for shoes? THIS shelving unit is our favorite way to store shoes. It can hold 9 pairs of shoes for only $10, which is as cheap as it gets. These look great in a closet lined up next to each other and they are also stackable.

Decorative bins/baskets: Being organized isn’t all about function, we want our newly organized spaces to be pretty too! Target has the best hands down ‘pretty’ storage solutions. The catch? Items are often seasonal and come and go…

The best way to accommodate this is using ‘seasonal’ items for one designated room in the house. For example, I loved THESE totes and thought they would be perfect for Jane’s closet (HERE). I bought a few extra in case I need to replace down the road, or need more than I think I do right now.

The dollar spot is a great spot to look for small storage items too. I love these wire baskets I got for $3 each.

boxwood clippings_jane's nursery closet

Glass Cookie Jars: Pretty enough for the counter, and so great at keeping food items organized and fresh. Target will always have these so you can pick up one at a time until you your desired amount (HERE). Our favorite way to store flour, sugar, and big bulk items from Costco like rice and pasta.

boxwood clippings | pantry organization 1

Consistency and repetition of these items has helped us create order throughout our homes! We’ve maximized space and visually de-cluttered which makes for a nicer living environment for everyone.

If you want to be more organized at home, pick up one or two items with each visit, and tackle a little space every few weeks…baby steps, baby steps!

Believe us, you’ll have your whole house organized in no time!

4 Responses to “Organize Your Home with Every Target Trip!”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Love your black and white stripe bulletin board, can you do a post on that???

  2. Emily Says:

    Thank you Kathleen. Here is the post on how we made it…the stripe fabric is by the yard from Ikea.

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Lots of inspiration here, has be evaluating my daughters closet and that is a good thing.

  4. Emily Says:

    Oh how we love a good closet re-do. You can do it!!!