Guest Post on Lil Luna: A Spa DIY Mother’s Day Gift

I had so much fun putting this lovely gift idea together for Lil Luna and her readers.

I always thought spa products like these would be a little time consuming to make, but it was easy peasy and really enjoyable!

Pop over and take a look. (click HERE)

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One Response to “Guest Post on Lil Luna: A Spa DIY Mother’s Day Gift”

  1. Lillian Says:

    Great ideas! I have given her plants she can actually plant outside. I can’t buy her cut flowers…her cat eats them! I did the digital frame AND Teavana a few years back and she loved both! We’re all on the same wavelength here :)
    I like the idea of a spa day, maybe a mother/daughter day ;) I like that idea even better! She’s not much of a “spa” person, but it might be nice to surprise her, and it gives us time together. I’ll have to look into spas, I know there are tons around her. Thanks!