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Putting up the Christmas Tree Traditions

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Growing up putting up the Christmas tree every year was steeped in tradition. Mum and Dad and the big boys would bring home a fresh tree, and us little children would anxiously wait as they would try to anchor and straighten it into it’s bucket of sand (this sounds medieval, the 80’s were prior to the easy-up stands we have now). Mum would then string lights delicately and evenly over the tree as we un-boxed all of the ornaments and years of treasures, going back to 1070, the year our parents were wed. Finally all eight kids would get to hang the ornaments. The crowning jewel was our little robin bird that would be hid deep within the branches of the fir tree by our parents. It would then be a game to see who could find it first. We don’t remember a prize for the winner, just r-e-s-p-e-c-t from other siblings :)

Fake and pre-lit trees have found our way into our homes as adults (let’s not talk about how many fresh trees we’ve had dry out before Christmas or adventures hauling that thing home), but one tradition that has stayed is the robin game.

Sarah couldn’t find a cute robin for her tree but has found an owl instead that the girls are loving trying to find when she moves it around DAILY. So far this has been the hit of the season with the twins, twit twoo!

boxwood clippings | owl ordament

Do you have any little traditions like this? We’d love to hear what your family does surrounding the tree each year. One thing we know, is even though it was a tiny tradition we looked forward to it every year and it’s things like this we want to make special for our children too.

And by the way, our parents STILL haven’t caved and have a fresh tree. every. flipping. year! If it dies prior to Christmas they will go get another and decorate again. Dedication! You cannot beat the smell or magic of the real thing. We’re thinking we may get mini ones just for the smell!

Here’s to a magical Christmas to you all…

Sarah and Em x

Sarah’s Christmas Cards and Silver Wrapping

Monday, November 28th, 2016

What a weekend! We hope you guys had a great time with loved ones and yummy food! We’re super excited December is officially on it’s way, and with every hot chocolate and Christmas episode of Peppa Pig our little ones are getting giddy for the season, and really beginning to take things in! Which makes it all the more fun for us, of course!

We were practically giddy ourselves when Sarah’s box of Christmas cards arrived from Tiny Prints (HERE).


Silver and white is a color combo we never tire of.

The crispness of winter and sparkle of snow!

We gathered a few odds and ends to show you how pretty these two colors can be to wrap with.



We just can’t get enough of this classic style.

Thanks to Tiny Prints for the inspiration, you can see their whole Christmas card collection HERE!

Sarah & Em. x

Em’s Christmas Card and An Easy Garland DIY

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

Have you ordered your Christmas cards yet? If not, post-turkey coma is the perfect time to scroll through your phone at Tiny Print’s amazing collection this year HERE. Sending and receiving cards is for sure one of my favorite parts of Christmas that I look forward to every year.

Right now my life seems extra crazy busy. I’m really trying to simplify in general, approach things and with a more laid back attitude and take each day as it comes.

Instead of having a formal ‘Christmas card photo shoot’ that I usually like, this photo of the babies in their jammies seemed perfect for how life is right now. I love Jane’s cheesy grin and Ben’s squishy cheeks. I chose THIS simple card from Tiny Prints. Nothing fancy, but the foil gold letters are simple and beautiful. I’m so happy how they turned out.

My cards inspired me to simplify my Christmas decorations this year too. I always like to mix up my decorations a little bit and this year simplifying my decor and minimizing putting up and taking down time seemed really attractive.

I made this easy garland using twine from the Dollar spot at Target and a pack of these champagne baubles at the Dollar Tree. I had to twist masking tape at the end of the twine to thread the ornaments onto the twine, but once they were on they didn’t need any extra tying to keep in place.


I love how this cute garland turned out and for only $2 per garland and five minutes of my time, you know I had to make a few and add a little festive cheer around the house. They are super lightweight so can be hung easily with tape or a few tacks…easy up and easy down for after Christmas.


Things should slow down for me in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to sipping hot chocolate and reading Christmas books to the kids next to the Christmas tree!

How do you simplify Christmas the most special/craziest time of year?

A big thank you to Tiny Prints for my Christmas cards! There quality and service is impeccable. I love how easy it is to order my cards and am always pleasantly surprised when my parcel arrives at how beautiful their cards are.

The Twins Nursery, ready for both Toddlers and Christmas!

Monday, November 21st, 2016

The girls’ nursery has always been a magical place for me.

After trying to conceive for so many years, it finally became a place where dreams came true when I got to design a nursery for my two baby girls (see HERE).

In the blink of an eye my babies are becoming quite the sassy, beautiful, crazy little girls. Life has been an adjustment, and therefore so has their room!



We would have loved to have kept them in their cribs until they reached three, but Hannah had other ideas. We were able to keep her restrained (happily) in sleep sacks (like THIS) for a year or so, but finally she was too tall for even the XL so it was time to start thinking beds.

We juggled with either building toddler beds or going straight to twin, but since they still seems so little, we liked this idea of keeping them on the floor so they wouldn’t be falling out. Plus we could customize the size and keep the scale quite small.

Brock whipped up these beds with some ideas we found on Pinterest. We made them to fit Ikea Toddler mattress although we are still using their crib ones for now since I like the sheets a whole lot better! We just fill in the extra space at the top with pillows. (Thinking about a whole post on this, comment if you’d like to hear more!)

The price tag was amazing at about $25 a bed, but more time consuming than what we thought. But we’re very happy with the results, as are the girlies!


I’m always craving hooks on all my doors, but in the past we’ve had them fall off since our doors are hollow. Finally I realized why not use command hooks? Not nearly as cute but still get the job done of displaying cute things on an otherwise blank door!


Em got these tooth fairies for the girls for their second birthday (HERE). They hang on the tip of their beds looking over them while they dream!


This is Elizabeth’s bed, although the girls match a lot they usually have their own color and things slightly different. It’s been interesting to see which items they are attached to. Since very early on, they’ve each had their Little Giraffe blankets (HERE) and Jellycat bunnies (HERE), E is attached to her blanket, and H her bunny.


Both girls love their Corolle dolls they got their very first Christmas (similar HERE, crib HERE). We keep toys to a minimum in their room for less distraction and hopefully a little more calmness but these dolls are the perfect companion at nighttime.


We hung simple snowflakes throughout the room to help bring in some Christmas magic!


This is Hannah’s bed. This bed has a temporary extra bar to help keep her in. She’s such a wiggly one and needs boundaries! We never got around to painting it white, opps! Did I mention we’ve been a bit sleep deprived since adjusting to new territories?!


A home made pom-pom garland has really cozied things up for winter (tutorial to come).


We have all their winter-themed books out on shelves. Below are framed pictures from one of my favorite Children’s author and illustrator Helen Oxenbury, ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ (HERE). I found this book at a thrift shop with the cover torn. The pictures were still in great condition, so I put them to use!


Like I mentioned before we try to keep most of their toys in their playroom, but THIS kitchen has always looked so amazing in their bedroom and added that pop of pink it needed to feel just a little more ‘girly’. Sometimes the pots and pans get confiscated if it’s 10pm and we still hear footsteps but for the most part it has been working great!

We hoped you enjoyed this little tour of such a fun room in our house.

Fingers crossed we’ll be getting to decorate another nursery soon, as I’m doing another round of IVF this week! Eeeek!!!

Sarah. x

Guest Post at Lil Luna: How to make a Boxwood Wreath

Friday, November 18th, 2016

We’re over at Lil Luna today sharing this lovely wreath project.

Pop over and take a peek!!!!

Happy weekend!!!

Sarah x