Jam and Cream Sandwiches

We’ve been wanting to experiment with Puff Pastry for a while now…it’s another one of our nostalgic British childhood memories of yummy flaky pastry we’ve been hoping to recreate.

We found some ready to roll out and bake Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry in the freezer section at Walmart of all places, and had to give it a try…


We rolled out the pastry, cut it into rectangles and followed baking directions until it turned golden brown. As soon as it was cool enough to handle we sliced the now thick pastry in half like you would a croissant and added raspberry jam and fresh whipped cream. We dusted powdered sugar on the top to finish it off.

You guys. These were amazing! The little girls LOVED them.
They are a perfect, easy treat for your next book club/baby shower or what have you.
They will be the hit of the party!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Sarah and Em xx

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