Putting up the Christmas Tree Traditions

Growing up putting up the Christmas tree every year was steeped in tradition. Mum and Dad and the big boys would bring home a fresh tree, and us little children would anxiously wait as they would try to anchor and straighten it into it’s bucket of sand (this sounds medieval, the 80’s were prior to the easy-up stands we have now). Mum would then string lights delicately and evenly over the tree as we un-boxed all of the ornaments and years of treasures, going back to 1070, the year our parents were wed. Finally all eight kids would get to hang the ornaments. The crowning jewel was our little robin bird that would be hid deep within the branches of the fir tree by our parents. It would then be a game to see who could find it first. We don’t remember a prize for the winner, just r-e-s-p-e-c-t from other siblings :)

Fake and pre-lit trees have found our way into our homes as adults (let’s not talk about how many fresh trees we’ve had dry out before Christmas or adventures hauling that thing home), but one tradition that has stayed is the robin game.

Sarah couldn’t find a cute robin for her tree but has found an owl instead that the girls are loving trying to find when she moves it around DAILY. So far this has been the hit of the season with the twins, twit twoo!

boxwood clippings | owl ordament

Do you have any little traditions like this? We’d love to hear what your family does surrounding the tree each year. One thing we know, is even though it was a tiny tradition we looked forward to it every year and it’s things like this we want to make special for our children too.

And by the way, our parents STILL haven’t caved and have a fresh tree. every. flipping. year! If it dies prior to Christmas they will go get another and decorate again. Dedication! You cannot beat the smell or magic of the real thing. We’re thinking we may get mini ones just for the smell!

Here’s to a magical Christmas to you all…

Sarah and Em x

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