Sarah’s Winter Bedroom

For many it may not be worth while to decorate their bedroom for the holidays, but my bedroom is a central part of the house; lots of TV watching, book reading and laundry folding going on here. The light is so great that it’s often my favorite room to spend time in, and definitely my go-to heaven while the girls take their nap.

Our bed is from Pottery Barn, and I often switch out having the top bars on or not. It’s much cozier with them on, so for winter it’s perfect and a great frame for adding a lit garland.


These oversized pinecones help make the corners pop. Topped off with a bit of white paint to mimic snow, and a few sprigs and ribbons from Hobby Lobby.


This ‘Merry Christmas’ garland was one of my first decorations I purchased after we were married 11 years ago. It looks great where ever I hang it, I only wish the colors hadn’t faded with time.


A seasonal accent pillow and winter greenery are always nice.



My winter retreat is my favorite place on earth!

Hope you enjoyed visiting, I’m off to bed!

Good night. Sarah x

4 Responses to “Sarah’s Winter Bedroom”

  1. Jerri Says:

    Will you share manufacturer and pattern of your carpet? Its beautiful.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hi Jerri,

    it’s a Shaw carpet, I’m thinking it’s this one:
    We’ve had it 10 years and loved it!

  3. Pamela Prussel Says:

    This is so lovely.I was wondering where your “winter” pillow is from. So cute

  4. Sarah Says:

    Thanks Pamela, its actually a pillow we made several years ago for a craft fair we did. We’re glad you like it!