A Religious (and Thrifty) Gift Idea!

Coming up with original ideas for Christmas gifts gets a little hard year after year, don’t you agree? We came up with this gift idea for people on our lists we give something small to every year…neighbors, friends and coworkers. Of course we wanted to share the idea with you in case you are stumped for what to give this year too!

We love this gift idea for so many reasons…

boxwood clippings | religous gift idea

boxwood clippings | religous gift idea
1 | It focuses on Christ, the light of the world and the reason for the season!

2 | THIS lantern is so great to use for decor all year long and only uses a tea candle which is so easy to change out. Versatile gifts that can fit into any home are our favorite.

3 | The price tag! $3.99! Hard to beat…

4 | Delivery! For those of you not close to an Ikea the lantern can be shipped. We maximized the $10 shipping cost to Utah by ordering ten lanterns, making each lantern $4.99 which is still a great price.

5 | Add a ribbon and scripture HERE and you are done! A fast, easy and sentimental gift.

Do you have any new ideas for gifts this year? We’d love to hear what your planning!

5 Responses to “A Religious (and Thrifty) Gift Idea!”

  1. Bev Says:

    Such a great gift!

  2. Emily Says:

    Thanks Bev!

  3. Krista Hansen Says:

    So cute!! I did these lanterns for teacher gifts a few years ago. Thanks for the reminder. I can do it again this year!!

  4. Julie Says:

    Thank you so much for this idea. It is just the perfect thing for neighbors and friends! LOVE!

  5. Emily Says:

    You’re welcome Julie. Merry Christmas!