Blush, Navy and Gold Gift Wrap

There was not a chance we were going to let the season go by without featuring the Sugar Paper wrapping line for Target this year!


boxwoodclippings_blush-navy-and-gold-gift-wrapblush dots | navy plaid | gold dots | gold swirl (blush glitter in store only)
Aren’t these wrapping papers all just gorgeous? If you’re looking for a wow factor with your gift wrapping this year, look no further! All you need is something simple to finish each one off, the beautiful wrapping speaks for itself.

For an even easier wrapping option we paired brown craft bags with THIS gorgeous tissue paper. We love the scalloped edge!

THESE round gift boxes are our absolute favorite from the product line. We wish we could wrap every single gift in them!

Wrapping all those gifts for Christmas just got a whole lot more fun. We’re hoping to carve in a little time this weekend to put on a Christmas movie and get started on wrapping!

Happy wrapping everyone xxx

One Response to “Blush, Navy and Gold Gift Wrap”

  1. Ramona Says:

    Oh I know! I LOVE this line at Target! I love the “untraditional”/my new traditional colors! I prefer to buy products I can use for more than one holiday/season. I will be going to a baby shower for a little girl in the spring and I bought this sweet wrapping paper to wrap her gifts in.