Em’s Christmas Family Room

Who else can hardly believe it’s December 5th???!!!
Life moves so fast! This year I didn’t think about my decorations too much. I put them up in two hours flat and am really pleased with how the ‘natural’ approach worked out.

My ‘brown/copper’ bin full of decorations called out to me, so that’s what we went with. We added a tree in our family room this year. This is where we spend most of our time together as a family and I wanted it to be an extra cozy space for Christmas!








The only decorations I bought this year were THESE new bottle brush trees. I feel they just updated my traditional decorations a little and are currently 30% off! I also added the champagne garlands we made HERE.

Also, just a little update on my Threshold rug (HERE). We’ve had the rug for about a year and it gets hammered! It’s where the babies play 95% of the time and it is holding up pretty well. It is definitely worn but spills clean up very easily on it and I still love how soft it is for the kids to play on. I’m pretty sure I’ll tire of pattern before it looks too shabby so for $150 I’m more than happy with the purchase.

Today I’m tackling sending out Christmas cards while sipping hot chocolate, “Hello big dollop!” Let’s do this, Monday!

-Emily xxx

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