We’re back…and with a little surprise!

We are really excited to now share that I’m pregnant with a baby boy!

baby boy annoucement 1

When we wrote our Christmas post, we really didn’t think it’d be this long of a blog break! But life has a way of throwing you unexpected surprises.

For those who’ve done IVF (or know those who have) you know it’s no walk in the park, and even the smoothest of cycles is so consuming, time wise, physically, financially and mentally. This has been our 2nd fresh cycle, and we’re beyond grateful that they were both successful.

We feel VERY lucky.

The news of the success however was put on hold while the beginning of pregnancy was quite bumpy to say the least. Pretty much all of January was ‘hit or miss’, and I’m just starting to feel as confident as the Dr’s do and get excited that a baby boy is joining our family in August!!!

We love you guys and this little blog of ours, we’re excited that another boy is joining our little group.

Finally, here’s to the new year…and all the exciting things in the works!

Sarah. x


7 Responses to “We’re back…and with a little surprise!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Congratulations! So happy for you.

  2. Jessica Marron Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SARS! I am THRILLED for you and Brock. Cannot wait to hear updates!

    Love you.


  3. Juli Gezzer Says:


  4. Chris Says:

    Congratulations!! That’s very exciting and you’ll have two little helpers!!

  5. Jo Says:

    My birthday too!!! congrats.

  6. Amy Says:

    How lovely! Congratulations! x

  7. katherine Says: