Hummus for Lunch

To balance out our insane Cadbury Mini Egg consumption as of late we are really trying to boost our veggies!
We are a thousand times more successful at this when we have an appealing bowl of hummus at hand.

boxwood clippings hummas

Our men aren’t huge fans of hummus so we’ve been pulling it out at lunch, serving it with veggies, rotisserie chicken and flat bread for a crazy easy lunch for us and our girlies. We have a feeling this zero-cooking lunch is going to become a staple for the Spring and Summer months.

We’ve just been buying Costco or a plain hummus from the store, do you have a favorite or a good recipe we can try?

Thanks in advance,

Sarah and Emily xx

2 Responses to “Hummus for Lunch”

  1. Bev C Says:

    Ina Garten has a delicious recipe for hummus. Very easy to make at home.

  2. Emily Says:

    Thanks Bev, we love her recipes so will have to give it a try!