Halloween in the Twins’ Room!

Now that the girls are three they are really enjoying all that the different holidays have to offer, but this Halloween they’ve been more scared than last year about enjoying decorations or going to the stores, just in case they bump into a witch! (Hello Costco, those witches even scare me!)

The words, “spooky not scary” have been our guidelines to halloween shows and decorations, so here we have their “SPOOKY NOT SCARY” room! Just enough festivities so they’ll still sleep!

(DIY tiny halloween houses HERE)

Halloween books and THESE jammies are the perfect pairing on these chilly nights.
What festivities is your family enjoying leading up to Halloween? We’d love to hear your traditions!

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2 Responses to “Halloween in the Twins’ Room!”

  1. Krystle Taylor Says:

    OMG, such a cute room!!! Can you tell me where you bought the white beds from? Would be perfect in my daughter’s room and I love that its low to the ground and she can make it into a fort and read books without taking all the chairs in the house! Thank you!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Thanks Krystle, my husband made the beds last fall. We got the toddler mattresses from Ikea, and built the bed to go around that. They’ve been a great transition bed, but with very tall 3 year olds I think they’ll only last us another year if that. The great thing is we could use them in the yard or playroom for a reading nook or little fort.