Kid-Friendly Christmas Decorating Tips (and one little announcement)

Well HELLO! How are you? It’s been a long time! I have just finished putting up my Christmas decorations which got me so excited for the weeks ahead. It truly is the most magical time of year and I just love decorating our home to reflect every ounce of Christmas spirit possible!

As I was putting up the decorations I was thinking how things have changed since having kids and how my decorating has changed too!

I feel a little pressure (self-inflicted) while my kids are little to make every holiday as magical as possible for them…decorations being no exception. But what I’ve learned is that you can decorate with a just a few things and still have things be as magical as when I used to put all those hours in to my decorating each year. So here is what has worked for me and what I wanted to share in case you have little ones or even if you’ll have children visiting this Christmas.

Shatter-Proof Ornaments: I paid zero attention before I had children to whether an ornament was glass or not. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! It only took one year after we had Jane to realize, they had to go. I have a few special glass ornaments that I kept, they are housed at the very top of the Christmas tree, or on high surfaces away from little fingers.

Elevate! I used to have boughs on every surface, an elaborate centerpiece on my dining table, ornaments and bows on the backs of every chair. Now with kids, I’ve learned height is my friend! I hang garlands high over my windows, decorations on my pendant lights and really only decorate surfaces out of reach from the little ones. If something is on their level I make sure it’s not easily breakable and as safe as I can make it.

Bowls of Ornaments: I put a bowl full of ornaments in every room wherever I can squeeze one in. Easiest decorating ever and easily removed. I keep a basket full in the middle of the dining table and move it for dinner every night. I love putting vases full of ornaments on my kitchen counters too.

Fairy Lights: LED battery operated lights make any room magical! Honestly, almost as impactful as the tree! I drape them over my piano, in bowls of ornaments and any dark corner. I’m officially obsessed. I only buy ones with a timer as they drain batteries quickly. They come on at 4pm, just as it’s getting dark and turn off at 10, and I love not having to think about turning them on and off each day. I use ones really similar to THESE.

Stick a bow on it! I was extra lazy this year and just decided to keep up my fall decor and add satin bows. There’s something just so classic about satin bows at Christmas time. In my bedroom, I taped a few sprays of gold leaves to my mirror, added a bow and called it good. You don’t need a lot to make a room happy for Christmas.

Last but not least, I guess I’m learning not to stress it. I put out my decorations and don’t think too much about it. The kids love it and we then we move on to cookie-making, dance parties and memory-making. I’m trying to embrace the stage we’re in and thinking about next year when we’ll have a new crawler (baby #3, a BOY) and the adjustments we’ll need to make again!

Please let us know if you have any questions with holidays and toddlers as well as any things you do with little ones to make your home magical and kid-friendly!

Merry Christmas! Love, Em xxx

2 Responses to “Kid-Friendly Christmas Decorating Tips (and one little announcement)”

  1. Brea Says:

    I’m amazed at you em! Your home is as gorgeous as ever. And congratulations on #3!!! Miss ya girl!

  2. Emily Says:

    Thanks so much Brea! xoxo