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Gift Idea: Her Stocking

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Stockings are always the last thing for us to open Christmas morning, and in many ways the icing on the cake.

Here are some of our favorite finds we love to see in our stocking:Picture 22

1. Mini Bath Goodies: THESE ones at Bath and Body works are on sale 3 for $10 and are so delicious!

2. Hardware Store Gift Card: Mr Faubus gave this to Sarah last year with a coupon saying he’d tackle a house project. Good one Hubs, we loved it!

3. Terry’s Chocolate Orange: this has been a tradition in our family since forever, delicious and classic.

4. Lindt Lindor Truffles: Another yummy fave.

5. A Guilty Pleasure DVD or CD: Camelot is a must for our collections. Hello 60’s fashion and make-up and songs to die for!

6. New Scarf: like THIS is perfect to see us through winter. Plus, it works out great if you roll it up and stuff it in the leg of stocking!

7. Fashion Jewelry: So fun to have something new and spunky. THESE are great to group together or split up.

8. A Small Candle: A new scent ready for the new year! We love THIS one.

If you’re planning a trip to Bath and Body works, they always have coupons you can use. We usually just look HERE before shopping!

Well, ladies and gents that was the last of our stocking ideas for this year, we hope you found it helpful!

Target Placemats Only 19¢

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012


I’ve got a killer deal for you today…these placemats are only 19¢ at Target!

Simply print out the coupon from HERE ($3 off Select Home brand or Threshold table linen item) and use with this week while on sale, and they’ll be down to 19¢ from $3.99!!! Holler!

I pretty much love a great deal like this, but this time I was particularly stoked because I fell in love with these when I first saw them, but my thrifty self was winning that day so I resisted.

See good things do come to those who wait!

Packing for Holiday Travel

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Sarah’s post inspired me to write a little about packing for holiday travel. Don’t you hate the way you feel when you travel? The one time I want to look good is when I’m seeing people I haven’t seen for years, and despite the best of efforts it seems that even my eyelashes don’t want to cooperate while traveling.

At first, the obvious solution was to pack more…more clothes…more make-up…more hair products and tools. Result? Still icky.

Now I’ve realized feeling and looking good away from home is all about packing the right things, not more. So here are a few of my crucial travel tips:

#1 Water bottle with filter=Hydration

When I first saw bobble water bottles in the store I was so mad I hadn’t thought of this invention! I’ve discovered the number one trick in feeling good while your away is hydration. It costs a lot to keep buying bottled water and for those water snobs like me out there, this filter can ease the fears of tap water away from home. Seriously one of the best inventions EVER to always have in your purse.

#2 Blanket = Sleep

Some people have their pillow or something else they can’t sleep without and I have never understood this logic or having a child dependent on a sleep aid until now. Different sleeping environments really can affect your quality of sleep, so when I started bringing my Restoration Hardware blanket on trips, I slept a gazillion times better. Really? A little embarrassing, but this blanket is amazeballs and Sarah’s find at Costco is just as lovely.

#3 Slippers = Comfort

It’s official and obvious that I’m now 30, as I am listing slippers as a travel essential. But seriously comfort equals joy at a hotel or anywhere when I bring my lovely mocs along. If you haven’t tried bringing your slippers along, give it a try.

#4 Curling Iron Cover = Worry-free Travel

No one wants to arrange travel plans by how quickly their flat iron can cool down before leaving. I finally bought a curling iron cover, and now can get ready and leave quickly without worrying about burning clothes planes/houses etc.

#4 Chocolate + Gum + Perfume = Refreshment

Sarah is the best little packer and surprised me at the airport one time with our favorite Ritter chocolate. A delicious treat always helps with flight delay frustration!  I always make sure I’m am stocked with a fresh pack of gum and a travel-size perfume (free from Bath + Body Works coupons) before leaving on a trip. They work like a charm to detox from airplane air. As Sar mentioned, our favorite is refreshing and not too fruity or overpowering,  “White Citrus“.

Okay, just one last thing…this might not be an essential but wouldn’t travel be a little easier with a new wool weekender?

I saw this at the Sundance Outlet, and am in lo0ove. Wouldn’t it be smashing for holiday travel? 50% off, but still $199.

Will you be traveling for the holidays? What are your packing essentials? Read more of our travel tips HERE and HERE.

Free Movie Ticket with 2 General Mills Cereal Purchase

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

This week Sarah alerted me to our favorite deal EVERRRRRR…

Buy two specially marked General Mills cereals like the ones pictured above and get a $12 movie voucher!

After purchase, simply go HERE to enter codes found on the inside of the cereal boxes and print off your movie voucher. The voucher can be used at any of these theaters within 60 days of printing (codes expire on website Dec 2013).

Each box of cereal usually costs $3, so it costs around $6 for two boxes of cereal and a free movie ticket!

This week at Target, General Mills cereal are buy three, get one free. I purchased four boxes which cost $9 and equaled two movie tickets! When I checked out at the register, a coupon printed out for $2 off my next 5 boxes of General Mills cereal!

Here are a few coupons for Golden Graham, Chex, and Cherrios to make the deal even better.

It’s time to stock up on cereal folks, this is such a great deal! As this is a new deal not all the grocery stores have the specially marked cereal boxes. Hopefully all stores will be stocked with new cereal soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

I’ll be spending my free movie tickets on James Bond and guilty pleasure, Breaking Dawn part 2. I must say I think I will enjoy them a little bit more than normal knowing I got such a great deal on the tickets!

Perfect deal for the upcoming movie holiday season, right? Are you in? What will you be seeing with your movie vouchers?

Deal Alert: BOGO at Rumbi

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Just a quick deal for all you local readers. Rumbi Island Grill has a great buy one get one free coupon out right now just click HERE to view and print.

We LOVE their sweet potato fries and sandwiches, and on this student budget it’s a great meal for 2 for around $7…Holler!!!