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Holler Dollar: Basic String

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

When we need to wrap a present fast, you can’t beat a simple package tied up with string!

boxwood clippings | string

We picked up the string at the Dollar Tree (hardware aisle and in store only).

Paired with butcher paper or craft paper HERE, and you have a pretty present ready in a flash.

Just a buck for a great wrapping staple…yes please!

Easy Summer Gifting with Ikea and Mrs Meyers

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

My favorite color in the summer is blue.

I don’t love blue any other time of year, but in the summer I want blue stripes and linen everywhere.

I put together the cutest blue gift for a bridal shower last week…

boxwood clippings | a bridal shower gift$9.99 Ikea Cake stand | Boxwood Clippings

boxwood clippings | a bridal shower gift .

This cake stand is only $10!

Love this 4 -pack of dish towels. Thin and linen-like for only $4!

These ‘bluebell’ soaps are a sure way to brighten any home.


Ikea pricing plus Mrs Meyers will always be a winning combo or us, how about you?!

Really Easy Birthday Card DIY

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

boxwood clippings | easy birthday card diy

Forgetting someone’s birthday is top on my list of pet-peeves.

It doesn’t take a lot to wish someone happiness on their special day, so I get really aggravated with myself if I haven’t sent out a little card.

Since birthday are an around-the-calender sort of thing, I’ve found it’s best to have a stock of them on hand to either pop in the mail, or in my purse to drop off.

.So here we go…my secret way to make 40 cards in about 1 hour!!!



boxwood clippings | easy birthday card diy

Blank cards and envelopes.  I use THESE.

A sheet of text (use my PDF HERE)






1. First, make sure you have the essentials. The Blank Cards can be found anywhere, look at craft stores or Target. Then you need to print off the text sheet on card stock. Personally, I never like to fight with my printer at home with card stock so I bring it into Fed Ex, it only costs about $.10/page if you bring your own card stock. No fuss, great quality…holler!!!

2. Cut the text sheet. First one cut vertical, and then horizontally so each “happy birthday” is cut individually!

3. Make the little flag by folding the word strip over a ruler and making a crease (pic below). It’s an over and back motion.

boxwood clippings | really easy birthday card diy

Use scissors to cut ends to look like flags.

boxwood clippings | really easy birthday card diy

.The first few are a little fiddly, but you’ll soon get the hang of it!

4. Glue the flag onto card, by just gluing the flag tales either side. This gives a lovely 3D pop!

.boxwood clippings | really easy birthday card diy

Ta-Dah! That’s it!!!

This is the perfect project to squeeze in when the little ones are down for a nap.

Call a friend you need to catch up with and talk while getting your crafting on.

So fun. So Productive!

Oooooh, and I forgot to mention they cost about $.35 each…BOOM!!!

Garden Clippings Gift Wrap

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Is there anything more beautiful than nature?

These little gifts were adorned by just a few clippings from my yard

and couldn’t be more perfect in our opinion.

boxwood clippings | garden clippings gift wrap

boxwood clippings | garden clippings gift wrap

boxwood clippings | garden clippings gift wrap

 Most clippings will last several hours, so have gift ready and then snip snip right before you give to recipient.

Is there anything greenery can’t transform? It breathes life like no other! We can’t get enough!

Our Favorite Things Bridal Shower Gift

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

This week we had a little shower for our soon-t0-be sis, Kristina (wedding on Friday!!!).

We loved this opportunity to get together the ladies on both sides of the family and shower the bride.

For our gift, we put together a few of our favorite things to help her set up house.

boxwood clippings | bridal shower gift 3

boxwood clippings | bridal shower gift

Favorite Things Basket

greatest towels ever (HERE)
working glasses (HERE)
cutest timer (HERE)
Mrs Meyers’ soap (HERE)
mixing bowls (target, not longer avail)
porcelain egg crate (home goods)
handmade chalkboard
dish towels (HERE)
metal caddy (similar HERE)

We topped it off with a ‘C’ for ‘Clayton’ with our favorite Pottery Barn glitter ornaments (HERE).

boxwood clippings | bridal shower gift

We are so looking forward to Friday and the celebrations….follow us on INSTA on the big day!!!