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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Personalized Plant Pots

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Happy Monday!

We hope you all had a fantastic weekend, we really felt spring for the first time this year and are excited for all the season has to offer.

We shared this Mother’s Day gift idea on Lil Luna a few years ago, but still think it’s pretty fab if you’re looking for a homemade gift idea for your mum, (or anyone really) be sure to keep it in mind!

We just love the spring feel, and homemade touch!

lil luna_boxwood clippings_monogramn plant pot

You Will Need:

Terra-cotta Plant Pot

Puff Paint


How To:

Simply free-hand a design (like the dots below), or sketch a design with a pencil and go over it with the paint (like the monogram above).

lil luna_boxwood clippings_monogramn plant pot

Just make sure you have fun, and don’t think too hard about the process. Simple is almost always best.

Once your design is finished, just let it set for about four hours, and then you’re ready to add the plants.

lil luna_boxwood clippings_monogramn plant pot

It was fun to decorate a few different sized pots, as they look great grouped together. Maybe having each child decorate one and create a whole garden would be sweet.

Adding a little ‘homemade’ says “I love you” more than anything.

Do you agree?

The Sweetest Easter Gifts for your little lady

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

While browsing Hape toys the other day (they are some of our very favorites) we were inspired by their fun pop of pastel colors and decided we needed to do a gift round up just in case you guys were looking to spoil your little one this spring.


boxwood clippings | sweet easter gifts for baby girl and toddler too!1. Shape Puzzle | 2. Jellycat Dot Bunny | 3. Classic Salt Water Sandal |4. A day on the Farm book (my girlies very favorite right now, thanks to Bri!). | 5. Bunnie Pull-A-Long toy (eeekk, just too cute). | 6. Floral Arrangement Playset.

We’re dying over these beautiful colors and love that our little ones are finally saying “yay-ow” (yellow), and “ink” (pink) while at play. Too cute all around!

Easy Easter Place Setting

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Eeek… Easter is only a few weeks away!
It’s always a favorite time of year for us and we can’t wait!

We found the cutest bunny bags at Target that will make perfect place settings for the Easter dinner table…
boxwood clippings | easter placesetting 1

We are planning to fill ours with festive marshmallows and a few favorite chocolaty treats, but these would be perfect for any gift or favor this time of year.

boxwood clippings | easter placesetting 2

We added a white carnation for a little extra and paired it with a pastel napkin for a crazy easy Easter place setting.

boxwood clippings | easter placesetting

Four bags for $5 HERE! Thank you, Target!

Valentine’s Gift Wrap over at Lil Luna

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Today we’re sharing this fun gift wrap over at Lil Luna (click HERE).

Just love these colors together for Valentine’s Day!

boxwood clippings _valentine's day gift wrap

Are you feeling the love?

Worth the Spurge: Bunnies by the Bay Dream Coats

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Even though Christmas season is almost officially over, we’d like to share one of our favorite gifts ever!

When I was pregnant with the girlies, we had a hard time not buying everything in sight, but when my mum came across these dream coats we fell in LOVE!

“Once within this dreamy coat, Danced a dainty lass. Remembering all the glad dreams, To her daughter, the coat will pass.”

Sure the soft coat is truly dreamyyyy, and the bunny-eared hat is to die for. Oh and lets not forget the bunny hand muff! But what really got me was the embroidered message inside the coat:

“Once within this dreamy coat, Danced a dainty lass. Remembering all the glad dreams, To her daughter, the coat will pass.”

It may of been the pregnancy hormones, but I teared up!!!

boxwood clippings | baby girls bunnies by the bay

boxwood clippings | baby girls bunnies by the bay

My ladies wore theirs all last winter and was pleasantly surprised when we pulled them out this fall that they still fit! (all but the hat).

Now they are more aware of how soft and cuddly these coats are, and I often find them with their faces snuggled into their arms.

I can’t wait to enjoy these coats for just a few more months, but look forward to packing them back in their keepsake boxes ready one day for their little ones.

If your looking for a special gift, this one is a winner and we had to share Click HERE, to see!