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Dining Chairs under $100

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

There is scarcely a week that goes by that I don’t fall in love with some sort of side chair. I love how they are so versatile and can be moved around the house to change up decor in a flash. Here are a few I am currently loving, all under 100 bucks!

boxwood clippings_9 dining chairs under $100

1. trendig chair $59 (very close to this)

2. tufted + upholstered $85 (available in gray, blue or taupe)

3. basic slipcovered chair $89

4. mod stackable $99

5. white arm chair $89

6. black rattan $99

7. cane side chair $75

8. metal arm chair $50 (also loving the copper and black colors)

9. modern windsor $85 (reminded me of this much more expensive chair)

Do you need help choosing furniture for your space? Shoot us an email to find out more about our design services.

Email: mail [at] boxwoodclippings [dot] com

Gluten Free Pasta Salad

Friday, April 11th, 2014

These days two little girls are giving us a hard time getting out the door for our usual lunches. The other day we got creative when the fridge was looking sparse, but we wanted something fresh and filling. We came up with this gluten free pasta salad that turned out delicious!

boxwood clippings_gluten free pasta salad

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Gluten Free Pasta (we used Barilla’s GF Penne and were pretty impressed)

Any vegetables you have on hand

Italian Salad Dressing

Cheese for garnish

We cooked our pasta, tossed with pepper and olive oil and added fresh tomatoes, celery and beets. We then added canned corn and black beans, tossed everything together with Italian salad dressing and garnished with Parmesan cheese.

When we make this again, we will for sure add beets at the very end with the cheese, as it made the pasta a little purple while being tossed together.

This was so simple and delicious, we hope you’ll give it a try! A large serving is definitely filling enough as a main course or this would be a great side dish to serve at any occasion.

Girls Spring Dresses

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

After 7 years of fertility issues we really had no preference when it came to genders,  but when we found out we were having twin girls the dress dreams began flooding in!!!

This year, I’m lucky to have the most adorable hand-me-down dresses, but that didn’t stop me from looking anyhow! Dress No.1 below comes in both baby blue and pink, to DIE for for twin girls don’t you think? Originally priced at $44 it was a “no way”, but now it’s on sale for $33 (HERE) and was as low as $26 on Ralph Lauren this week.

Which has me asking the question: what is your price point for dresses? Or any clothing items for your children for that matter?

boxwood clippings_girls spring dresses

Dresses 2,3 and 4 are ALL UNDER $25! Which I think is pretty amazing. What do you guys think?

(No.1: $33.75 HERE, No.2: $16.87 HERE, No.3: $23.99 HERE, No.4: $24.99 HERE)

Please share your tips and tricks!

Emily’s Nursery Inspiration

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

It’s hard to believe baby Jane will be here in just a few months. Actually, that’s wishful thinking. It’s still 3.5 months away! Boo!

Anyway, time to get going on the nursery! I want the nursery to be mostly coral and tan and will for sure be adding pops of espresso and white for my normal ‘high contrast’ look.

Number one on the priority list is keeping cost to a minimum. Here are a few pieces I am looking at:

boxwood clippings_em's nursery inspiration board

jenny lind espresso crib $166

something similar to this chair.

cream bean bag $44 (I bought this already in store on clearance for $14)

coral posters $9

linen lamp $25

mirrored accent table $190

sugarboo framed art $20 (Sugarboo at Target…holler)

peachy rug 5×8 $60

benjamin moore coral buff paint

Do you have any recommendations in the nursery for furniture or decor? I’d love to hear your advice!

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Easter!

Monday, April 7th, 2014

As you know, I love gathering bits and pieces from around the house to make little festive displays, and now I get to do that in my little one’s nursery.

A book, letter blocks and soft bunny arranged together help things feel seasonal and springy!

boxwood clippings_easter in nursery

These little cards are from Paper Source, and too cute not to have out on display!

boxwood clippings_mini cards from paper source

 Their Easter dresses are quite possibly the world’s cutest hand-me-downs ever!

boxwood clippings_twin easter sunday dresses

 Pink baby ballet flats. Does it get any cuter…I think not!!!

boxwood clippings_pink baby shoes


Spring is in the air and we’re loving life :)

Hearty Cobb Salad

Friday, April 4th, 2014

As the weather warms, I’m finding my taste buds are loving the cold, fresh crisp of a scrumptious salad again. Isn’t there just something to hate about being cold in the winter and trying to eat ice cold vegetables?…brrrr!

Most of the time, my salads are simple and calorie conscious, but for dinner a few nights ago I loaded on the cheese and went to town with a classic cobb salad.

boxwood clippings_cobb salad

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Salad base – plain arugula, spring mix or anything you like.

Protein – chicken, ham, cheese, hard-boiled eggs etc.

Veggies – pack on all your faves.

Dressing – Simple flavors are best. We love Kraft Ranch and it’s a fraction of the price of Hidden Valley.

This salad can hold its own! It’s packed with nutrients, protein and calories! No need to serve with anything else. Brad and I both had a hard time finishing our plates. Which made me think why do I almost always go skimpy on salad toppings?

Adding more volume adds more nutrients. Extra calories on cheese and dressing are worth not being hungry in an hour, which inevitably leads to searching the pantry for treats!

This salad definitely equals satisfaction! Do you have any salad tricks up your sleeve that steers away the mundane, boring salad?

Nautical at Old Navy

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

I was thrilled to visit Old Navy last week and see all the looks for spring. Can’t beat Old Navy prices! I have never seen so much nautical in stores and I am loving it!

boxwood clippings_old navy nautical

1. striped hoodie for women

2. chambray baby girl romper

3. polka dot romper for toddler girl

4. anchor bermudas

5. toddler boy stripe shorts

6. manly stripe rugby tee

Do you love nautical as much as me?

5 Great Children’s Books for Spring

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Children’s books have always held a special place in my heart. The illustrations are always the first to win me over, but a there’s nothing as beautiful as a great story.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed collecting on trips were books for our future children, how happy I am now to have someone to read them to! It’s been really fun starting to build the girls library, and really fun to receive books as gifts, as I love seeing what everyone else’s favorites are!

Here are some we have on our shelves, perfect for Spring don’t you think?!

boxwood clippings_5 books for spring


No.1: Make Way for Ducklings

No.2: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

No.3: Guess How Much I Love You

No.4: Flower Fairies of the Spring

No.5: Baby Touch and Feel Farm

These would make perfect additions to a Easter basket don’t you think?!

Van’s Gluten Free Crackers

Friday, March 28th, 2014

I’ve been gluten free for six years now. The first year was so rough, but it has become so much easier through the years, especially with the help of new gluten free products coming out all the time.

I picked up these crackers at Target recently and discovered they are manna from heaven!

boxwoodclippings_vans say cheese crackersI had forgotten how delicious a cheesy cracker is…yum, yum, yum!

Not only do these crackers taste delicious, they are packed with whole grains and boast no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or hydrogenated oils.

With a price tag similar to “normal” crackers, these are for sure my new favorite gluten free treat.

For any of my gluten free fellows out there or anyone that wants a healthy treat, you HAVE TO give these a try!

Awesome Kid Spaces

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

We have the most adorable nephews EVER! I guess it’s possible that we may be biased, but all of our nephews are insanely handsome, sweet and hilarious.

Our brother, Daniel’s three oldest boys are finally old enough to migrate to the third level of their home – the loft. This is one large room where I’m sure the boys will get up to all sorts of mischief, it even has a ladder and a look-out tower for star-gazing! While I’m sure the boys are dreaming of all of their future adventures, I am dreaming of incredible children’s spaces:

boxwoodclippings_great kid spaces

boxwoodclippings_great kid spaces

boxwoodclippings_great kid spaces

boxwoodclippings_great kid spaces

boxwoodclippings_great kid spaces

boxwoodclippings_great kid spaces

All images via my Pinterest Kids board HERE.

A lot has happened recently has make me think we all grow up too fast. These spaces speak youth and innocence and make me want to treasure every day of childhood of every child I know.  I have so many great memories from sharing bedrooms with my siblings, and can’t wait for the new memories the boys will create. I guess this is the point in my pregnancy when I start getting all emotional and sappy!

Hope you have so much fun in your new room boys xxx

5 Must-Have Items For Your Newborn

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

My sweet baby girls turned 6 weeks today!!! They’ve been some of the busiest and happiest weeks we’ve experienced and can’t believe they are already growing up so fast!

boxwood clippings_jessica peterson photographyPhotograph by Jessica Peterson

In preparation for their arrival, I was determined to be fully prepared as far as gear and supplies go. My advice is to ask advice of what others use, and what to skip.

Now that I’m an experienced Mum (yeah, right!), I’m sharing my top 5 favorite picks of what products I’ve LOVED and wouldn’t have wanted to live without this past month. Here goes!

boxwood clippings_1 month baby picks

1. Target Diapers: This one was highly recommended by a friend, but took the test of comparing them to Huggies in person to believe how great they are. Our babies were 6lbs 15oz and 5lbs 7oz, so definitely on the small side. These diapers didn’t swallow them up, but kept them nice and snug and held up great for those fully loaded nightmares! Buying in bulk and on sale, these cost around 11.7 cents each, making them the cheapest out there. Holler Target, yet again! Also, as an added bonus, they are mostly white, which makes them great for photographs. No Micky Mouse or Pooh Bear anywhere! (see HERE).

2. Tommee Tippee Steam Sterilizer: We’ve really loved a lot of the Tommee Tippee products, but this one takes the cake. Mum found this one, and it has truly been amazing. Feeding 2 babies is no small task, so time shortcuts are a must. Pop this baby in the microwave for 4 minutes and then let stand for 3 and you have yourself perfectly sterilized bottles, binkies and pump accessories! The kit also comes with a bottle and binky and is only $22!!! (see HERE).

3. Burp Cloths: Mum told us we could never have too many, and even with us doing laundry every day, it’s so true! We have about 12 per baby and use them everywhere for everything. Under heads for sleeps, under necks for feeds, over shoulders for burps! They cut down on the wash-load for bigger items and it’s nice to always have a clean place for baby’s head to spit up on! Any burp cloth would do the job. These cloth diapers are perfect and great value for around $2.60 each (see HERE).

4. Swaddle Blankets: Again, Mum said I couldn’t have enough and with 8 per baby she was right! Size is EVERYTHING; the smaller ones don’t work half as well. You need the big ones to fully get those babies in a swaddle they can’t get out of! Life is easier with a swaddled baby, trust me! Unfortunately, the good ones are also the pricey ones, but the money you save buying cheap diapers can help fill the gap! These Aden + Anais ones are amazing (see HERE): nice and thin. The thicker ones by Swaddle Designs are also a must, and you can often find deals in their clearance section HERE.

5. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Calming Lotion: Another friend recommendation, and I’m totally in love. Babies smell delicious on their own, but adding this to the mix after bath time is amazing. Plus, I think the lavender helps baby sleep which is always a plus:) This feels luxurious, but it’s quite the deal at around $6 (see HERE).

I hope these recommendations come in handy, either for you or a loved one.

What items are on your go-to list for newborns? Do tell!

Soft Boiled Egg and Toasted Soldiers

Friday, March 21st, 2014

 As a follow up from last week’s post we had lots of requests for the soft boiled egg recipe, aka “egg and soldiers”.

boxwood clippings_soft boilded egg + toasted soldiers


Boil your egg for about half the time of a hard boiled egg. This time will vary per altitude, in Utah we wait til the water gets to a rolling boil, add egg (slowly with a spoon so it doesn’t crack) and let it cook for 4 mins. Next, remove the egg and place in egg cup to slightly cool. With a normal knife, slice off the top of your egg, garnish with S+P and go to town dipping your “soldiers” (strips of buttered toast) in the egg.

Will you be adventurous and give it a try?

Whitewashed Target Tuesday

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Spring is almost here, and the first thing to change this time of year is always my house accessories. Away go the faux-fur blankets and throw pillows and out come the greenery and white linens.

Target has impeccable timing. Of course it gets me again with all the right things…

target tuesday_whitewash2

1. flower statement necklace

2. wood + metal vase

3. faceted vase

4. tufted gold bench

5. wooden pedestal bowl

6. boxwood wreath

7. white dipped baskets

Has Target seduced you with anything lately? Would love to hear your finds!

Easy Chocolate Rice Krispies Nests

Friday, March 14th, 2014

These little rice krispies nests are a tradition this time of year in our family. They are incredibly simply but look so pretty and festive for Easter time and spring.

boxwood clippings_easy chocolate rice crispy treats

Here’s what you’ll need:

Rice Krispies
Milk Chocolate
Cadbury Mini Eggs
Cupcake liners


Melt chocolate and mix with rice krispies. We haven’t put measurements because you only need a little chocolate to get the rice krispies to stick together. Use as little or as much as you’d like. Spoon mixture into cupcake liners and create a little well with your spoon for chocolate eggs. Next place eggs and let chocolate harden for about 30 minutes before serving.

These are the perfect treat to make with little ones who have a short window of attention.

We hope the whole family loves these crunchy and chocolatey treats as much as we do. Enjoy!

Our Twin Nursery

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

It’s finally finished!!!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

Above the cribs we framed wrapping paper, soon to be replaced with photos of our little ones!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

A new chair from Walmart and a family heirloom piece offers seating for both mum and dad, can you guess which one I get?!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

A babies Moses Basket in crib, helps the little ones adjust to a bigger world, or so I’m told. I think they’re simply adorbs!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

A collection of white lanterns act as a mobile for now, and something for the little ones to look up at.

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

Two small shelves from Ikea act as a little bookcase, and gives the room a little pop of colour.

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

I’m in LOVE with these blankets both received as gifts. Blush pink is so beautiful.

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

Little fun details!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

Plates found at our local thift shop. Attached by hot gluing metal paper clips to the back and attaching to wall with just a small nail. A thrifty and easy solution!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

My Winnie The Pooh soft toy collection, I’ve been obsessed with Pooh for years!

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

It all looks just like I pictured in my head! We had little ‘drama’s’ along the way, but all in all we really enjoyed the whole process of finally getting to decorate a nursery!

Right now it’s quite light and whimsical, we plan on changing things up a bit when the girls get older, adding more bookshelves and places for toys, and even more colour…that’s right!

For resource links, please visit my inspiration board post HERE.

Nursery Sneek Peek: Putting Left Over Paint to Good Use

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

This post brought to you in part by:

jones logo

.Do you guys remember my nursery inspiration board?boxwood clippings_gender neutral nursery

It became a great starting point to get my vision together, and although a lot stayed the same, I switched up a couple of details.

One of which was the paint. Originally, I thought I’d paint the whole room because I really wanted the white furniture to ‘pop.’ But then we found out we were having two girls, I thought an entire room painted grey might look too masculine. I was really sold on the grey, but I also wanted it to feel really light and airy!

Knowing that we wanted to incorporate molding somehow, we settled on the idea of doing a craftsman-style chair rail and window casings. It was a little scary thinking it may turn out a little 90s, but we love the results, with the paint only being at the bottom of the walls. What do you guys think?

boxwood clippings_neutral twin nursery

boxwood clippings_modern chair rail

One of the best parts about this project is that we were able to use the leftover paint from our kitchen makeover (see HERE). Although I LOVE having different colours in the various rooms of our house, it’s nice to have some consistency so it all ‘flows’ nicely. And as we already had it, it was basically FREEEE!

We used only about a 1/2 gallon of paint, and did 2 coats. It worked out perfectly since we’d already chosen the pearl finish for the high-traffic kitchen area, and now it works great in the nursery, where soon little fingers will be touching daily, and it’ll be easy to wipe clean.

Paint used: Benjamin Moore: Stonington Grey in Pearl finish

Another thing that is free is the great advice you get when you go to Jones Paint and Glass. They’ll advise you on colour choices, finish, tools and anything in between. For you local readers, be sure to call ahead and schedule an appointment with Alaura Stickney at their Provo store; she’s a paint genius!!!!

Stay tuned for an overload of photos tomorrow!

Miniature Cupcake Birthday Cake

Friday, February 28th, 2014

We always get a little nervous when baking birthday cakes. What if the cake sticks for some reason or starts to sag on one side? It’s a lot of pressure to make a perfect birthday cake! Which lead us to the miniture cupcake birthday cake…

Miniature Cupcake Birthday Cake

We love cupcakes, but we love even more bite-size, mini cupcakes. There is zero pressure as you can just present the ones that work out perfectly on pretty cakestands with a candle in each one. The more cupcakes and candles the merrier!

We are celebrating lots of candles on Sarah’s birthday cake today!!!  Just kidding, sis ;)

Happy Birthday Sarah! You are crazy talented, beautiful and hilarious. I love you and I’m so lucky to have you as a sister xxx

10 Spring Flats under $30

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

I know it is still very chilly, but my heart can’t help skip a beat at all the spring items coming making their debut in stores for the warmer season. Here’s a little round-up of some inexpensive flats I am loving.

boxwood clippings_10 spring flats for under $301. glam gladiator | 2. black classics | 3. shiny red | 4. cream + black ballet | 5. cream + black pointe | 6. coral sneaks | 7. cobalt slip-on | 8. flower love | 9. tan perfection | 10. blue + cuffed

Do you have your eyes on anything this spring?

Pancake Day Gift Basket

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Pancake day is just a few weeks away (March 4th). We love any excuse to eat pancakes for dinner, and think it’s about time to get our American friends excited about it too.

We put these little baskets together with all all the basic pancake needs.

Pancake Day Gift Basket

pancakes (recipe HERE)

lemon + sugar

Jam + butter

chocolate spread (we love this organic hazelnut spread)

Will you be celebrating pancake day and giving something up for lent this year?

Packing for Hospital: My Bag & Everything Else!

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

As you know, I’ve been packing for the hospital for a little while now (and by the time you read this, I should be home).

There are lists all over the place of things you will and won’t need for your hospital stay, but here are the things I’ve felt needed to come with…I’ll update you later on how much we actually used things!

boxwood clippings_things you need to pack for the hospital

I find plastic tubs to be amazing when packing, for the hospital I thought they were perfect to keep me organized and have all my things in one place. Plus these were great to have sitting in my bedroom leading up to the delivery date, everytime I’d think of something I needed, I just popped it in the bin!

When you take a birthing class, they’ll tell you exactly what you will and won’t need, I’ll highlight the “musts haves” our nurse told us to have. Most things are personal preference, but I figure life’s easier/nicer with some of my own things around so this is what I’ve packed:


1 Nighti, 2 sets of Yoga Pants + tee’s, clothes to come home in, nursing bra, big underwear, 2 sports bras, robe, make up, minimal toiletries, pads, glasses, hairbrush, hair ties, beach towel (wanted something big), hand towel, slippers, socks, flip flops (for showering), insurance card + ID


8 swaddle blankets, 6 outfits each, booties, hats, binkies, car seats, coming home outfit


Pillows (for me + Brock), camera, phone charger, laptop, movies, snack tin, clothes and toiletries for Brock, massage oil, notebook, empty folder (for important docs), empty bag (for extras you get at hospital), nice paper (for hand and foot prints), plastic bags for dirty clothes.

So there we have it, hopefully I’m all ready…or as ready as I can be! :)