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A Little Bracelet for A Little Girl

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Emily’s baby, Jane already turned one! Can you believe it?!

She is a sweet little thing with a streak of silly who already has Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

Brad surprised Jane on her first birthday with a new bracelet, and it couldn’t be more perfect!

boxwood clippings | little girl braclet

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.18.58 PM

boxwood clippings | little girl bracelet

The beads are soft and light on her skin, and she barely notices it’s there.

I couldn’t be happier with how it is holding up or the amazing $6 price tag (HERE)!

Thanks Love Mia Kids! So glad we found you!

Dressing the Twins this Fall (on a budget!)

Monday, August 31st, 2015

This fall we’re headed home to England to introduce the girlies to their Great Granny, Aunts and Uncles, and a trail of cousins.

This time of year is always a little tricky to pack for, somedays are scorchers while others have you dragging an umbrella around with you. So here are their 7 outfits for late summer/early fall!


boxwood clippings | toddler twin girls fall closet

boxwood clippings | toddler twin girls fall closet

boxwood clippings | fall toddler girl clothes

boxwood clippings | toddler twin girls fall closet

boxwood clippings | toddler twin girls fall closet

boxwood clippings | toddler twin girls fall closet

boxwood clippings | toddler twin girls fall closet

Which one is your fave?

Getting them all organized for fall is a big thing off my to-do list. I love pulling things out of storage that I bought last year on clearance and then filling in the holes with this years pre season sales.

Shopping for 2 is tricky on a strict budget.


.Here are a few rules of thumb I tend to live by…

No. 1: Shop CLEARANCE even a year ahead. This is by far the best way to save money. Prices are slashed to at least 75% off. Osh Kosh, Polo Factory Stores and Nordstrom have the BEST return policy so keep your receipts and if they don’t fit when you need them to, return for full money back. has the best deals around, BUT their return policy isn’t so great. I like to get basics there like tee’s and cardi’s, things I can layer and use any time of the year.

No.2: Have your own price points. For Bottoms $4, Tops $4, Dresses $8, Bows $2 (mostly make our own HERE), Shoes $20, Cardigans/Sweaters $10. These numbers work for me and I LOVE it when I beat them (which happens quite a lot)! Shoes can be found for a lot cheaper but I always go for really good quality so they HAVE to be bought ahead. I got tons of leggings last week at for $3 (HERE) on a buy one get one half off sale. It was perfect to stock up for fall. Basically full outfits are always under $20 (not including shoes). But even better, about half are under $10!

No. 3: If you love it, spurge. My splurge this season was the cream and black bow top from Janie and Jack (HERE) (Paid $30 with coupon!). It’s ridiculously cute and pricey, but paired with a pair of $3 leggings it helps balance out the price! Plus, it’s nice to bargain shop, but sometimes you must fall in love with a special item. My babies will only be this size this once, so it’s nice to indulge here and there and have them picture perfect!

No.4: Give and take hand-me-downs. This one has been a bit tricky for me since I like to dress my twins the same (way easier). But my family has a great collection of gently used clothes that go on lots of recipients. We all pledge to take care of things as best we can and it feels good to reuse things and give them new life on another lil cutie. I’d highly recommend teaming up with family members and friends who share your same ideals with clothes and get a good system going.

What are your tricks and tips in this area? We’d love your input!

Collegiate Baby Headbands

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

College football season is just around the corner and with two crazy fan husbands we have to embrace the season…

boxwood clippings | school pride baby headbands

To make we used our easy baby bow template (HERE)…

boxwood clippings | school pride baby headbands

We then tied university colored ribbons instead of the classic bow.

boxwood clippings | school pride baby headbands

Maybe the girls will be the lucky charms this year…let’s hope so!

Go Bruins!

Tween Bedroom Design

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Our first room design for our sister’s reno is the girls’ bedroom. This is one of the only rooms in the house that doesn’t need structural changes, making it the perfect place to start!

The room is on the smaller size and doesn’t get a lot of natural light so we plan to brighten it up with white walls, light flooring, white furniture and a few pops of color. The girls, aged 8 and 11, are right at that age wanting less pinks and more blues…

boxwood clippings | tween girls bedroom decor

headboards ($140) HERE
pom-pom pillow ($45) HEREpink stripe pillow ($22) HERE
lamps ($30) HERE
dresser ($80) HERE
art ($22) HERE and ($20) HERE
chair ($40) HERE
rug ($57) HERE
trunks ($200) HERE
garland ($15) HERE

Our design budget is $1,000 so we will be shopping the sales, and making our dollars stretch with great basics at Ikea and Target.

We can’t wait to show you how it turns out!

Do you have a tiny design budget, but would love some professional help?
Shoot us an email: mail[at]boxwoodclippings[dot]com, we’d love to help!!!

My FAVORITE Car Seat: Maxi Cosi Pria now on Sale!!!

Monday, July 13th, 2015

You guys we missed you last week! Our ‘week to ourselves’ turned into week of hell, as a major sickness (we’ll spare you the details) hit both our lil families and lots of other family members. About 15 in total! This 4th of July weekend will go down as the time we ALL got sick!!! Ugh!


We did however have the Nordstrom sale on our radar, and even that can be viewed from the sick bed! I was sooo surprised to see my FAVORITE CAR SEAT on sale that it really really deserved a blog post, because, well, I was thinking of doing one anyhow!


The process of changing the twins from their infant carseats to the big ones proved to be quiet the process last year. Though lots of research and some trial and testing we finally found our perfect seats and 6 months in, we’re still in love.

Introducing the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat:

 boxwood clippings | my favorite car seat

On Sale now at Nordies $205.90 (Usually $279)


boxwood clippings


Things we Considered when Shopping:

No.1 Safety: I’m guessing this is everyones first priority too. The good news is on this subject is that carseats these days are pretty amazing. As long as you are buying in this class, there’s little difference in safety ratings. The rule of thumb is “the safest carseat is the one installed correctly”. Make sure to know all the current regulations since they do change up frequently. 
No. 2 Size: Not all carseats fit into your car the best. We love our 7 seater Highlander, but we soon found out that 7 seats does NOT mean 7 carseats, these things take up some space!!! With our trunk seats down (to fit in stroller) and 2 of these bad boys in the middle row, that basically just leaves us with driver and passenger seats, which by the way we can no longer recline! The carseats have to be rear facing the first couple of years so that is really where the concern comes in. The space between the middle row headrests and the front row is what you are working with.
At first we got a slimmer seat so we wouldn’t feel so scrunched in, but then we found that when the girls fell asleep their heads wouldn’t be supported and would flop forward. No sleeping babies in car is a major fail! This is one of the reasons why we love this seat, because even though it fills the space, it reclines nicely so the girls are supper sung and off to dreamy-land in no time. 
No. 3 Color and Look: This of course is a vain consideration. But hello, you’re going to be looking at these things for years AND they cost a pretty penny so you have to like it! We went with the Brown (see HERE) to match the interior of our car. I like it a lot because they really do look like they belong and they are nice and light and hide little dirt spots well. We also thought it’d be better to buy gender neutral just in case we need them again. Having said that, our sister Helen invested in her ‘good’ car seat with her first baby, and then switched out the covers for each child. Usually the manufactures recommend a 6 year life on the seats (as long as they haven’t been in a crash), so that might passed down one or twice!
No.4 Baby Approval: These are their seats after all, and yes my babies had different reactions to different seats! So it’s nice to test them out (buy buy baby is a great place to do this) and let them see what they like. We found that a cup holder and comfy shoulder straps went a long way! 
No.5 Places to Shop: Because these are such big ticket and important items we recommend shopping at the places with the best return policies. We always recommend: Nordstrom, Buy Buy Baby and Costco. Returning merchandise is never our favorite errand, but for us this take a little experimenting to find the perfect seat, so it’s nice to know that these places make returns pleasant! 
boxwood clippings

Our girlies love their seats, can you tell?!

Good luck on your search, email us if you have more questions!!!