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Dinner in 10 Minutes: Asian Cashew Salad

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Dinner in 10 minutes has become a thing we love…

We LITERALLY have dinner all ready in under 10 minutes, START TO FINISH.

Who doesn’t love that?!

Of course this is not an every night event (unfortunately!) but about once a week we like to have a ‘quick fix’ dinner on hand, and this Asian inspired one has become a favorite at Sarah’s house.

asian cashew salad | boxwood clippings

It’s simply the bag of Asian Cashew Salad from Costco!

For under $5 it’s a great base, and to make it more of a meal she either fry’s up some organic potstickers, or pops some egg rolls in the oven, (both of which is also from Costco, and a nice to keep on hand in the freezer.)

The salad kit contains all the dressings and seasonings and is a great healthy way to do dinner in a hurry!

Curried Chicken Salad

Friday, April 8th, 2016

We were vacationing a few weeks ago on the central coast on California and ordered a curried chicken salad that was divine!

Curry and salad are two of our favorite things, how have we not thought of this before?!

Here’s our copycat version that turned out so tasty!

curried chicken salad | boxwood clippings


1 chicken breast
3 Tbsp mayo
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp curry powder
mixed greens
1/2 lemon
granny smith apple
1/8 red onion
sliced almonds


Mix mayo, mustard and curry powder and mix with diced or shredded cooked chicken.
Prepare greens with a little olive oil, lemon juice and s+p.
Dice celery, apple, onion, almonds. Toss the diced apples in lemon juice to prevent browning.
Layer all ingredients over a bed of greens.


We love the crunch and the bold flavors of curry and lemon in this salad, and if you like things with a little more kick just add more curry.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you love spicy, we know you’ll love this!

Cucumber & Tomato Salad

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Hallelujah for wanting to eat fresh, cool salad again…those winter months were rough!

Here is a new salad we put together when we were out of regular leafy greens…we found you can still have amazing side salad to go with any meal and it’s always nice to mix things up.boxwood clippings | cucumber and tomato salad

grilled chicken
red onion
olive oil
1/2 lime


Amounts of ingredients is all about preference. But we’ve discovered this kind of salad tastes better the smaller you dice everything up…more flavor punch to bite ration :) Dice vegetables and toss with olive oil, lime juice and salt and pepper.

Enjoy with any grilled chicken/fish…really you could pair this with anything!

The Basic Egg Sandwich

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Happy Easter everyone!

In the next few days you’ll see an abundance of eggs, and what better way to use them than to whip up a good old egg butty?

boxwood clippings | basic egg sandwich

You Will Need:

8 Boiled Eggs

Teaspoon of mustard

1/2 Cup of Mayo

Pinch of Salt and Pepper

Yummy Bread

Mix them all together and there you have it.

If you want to make it a little more fancy, you can add a few chopped spring onions, some sprouts or just some tomato and cucumber.

Alone, or dressed up, this sandwich is a go-to with ingredients you’re always likely to have on hand.



Holler Dollar: Toddler Snacks

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Wow, back-to-back holler dollars!

If you frequent the dollar store you will know the food aisles are….a little sketch.

Recently however, we have found our favorite snacks for the girls at less than half the price of the grocery store which has given us a new appreciation for the dollar store.

boxwood clippings | holler dollar
Mini boxes of raisins HERE
Animal crackers HERE6-pack pears in water (in store)

You’ll always find these three things in our diaper bags…the prices can’t be beat!
Next time you’re in the dollar store, head down the food aisles. Look for brands you know you like, you’ll be surprised at the cost!