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5 Great Children’s Books for Spring

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Children’s books have always held a special place in my heart. The illustrations are always the first to win me over, but a there’s nothing as beautiful as a great story.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed collecting on trips were books for our future children, how happy I am now to have someone to read them to! It’s been really fun starting to build the girls library, and really fun to receive books as gifts, as I love seeing what everyone else’s favorites are!

Here are some we have on our shelves, perfect for Spring don’t you think?!

boxwood clippings_5 books for spring


No.1: Make Way for Ducklings

No.2: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

No.3: Guess How Much I Love You

No.4: Flower Fairies of the Spring

No.5: Baby Touch and Feel Farm

These would make perfect additions to a Easter basket don’t you think?!

Winnie’s Workshop

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Last weekend we escaped the inversion and headed up to the mountain village of Midway, Utah to attend Winnie’s Workshop Valentine’s class and boy, did we have fun…

Winnie’s Workshop is a picturesque country barn owned by mother and daughter duo, Nancy and Meredith who’ve put their heart and soul into making this space a crafter’s heaven.

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 1

Nancy, a life-long seamstress, has a larger than life personality and is currently teaching classes on quilting and felting what she calls “wacky woollies”.

Meredith has a bachelors in print-making, a masters in visual art, and is currently teaching classes on letter-pressing and bookbinding.

We were warmly greeted into a Valentine retreat with Nancy at the sewing machine, stitching bright wool hearts to pillow covers, Meredith warming up the vintage letterpress with red ink, and the workshop adorned in heart garlands and fabric, cards, and ribbons galore all ready for us to start crafting!

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 2

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 2.5

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 3

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 4

For the next three hours we made our own letter-pressed Valentine’s cards and crafts, munched on delicious snacks, chatted and laughed, and enjoyed the beautiful and quaint surroundings of the Midway valley and mountains. It was a day to remember, that’s for sure!

boxwood clippings_winnie's studio 5

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 14

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 7

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 8

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 9

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 6

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 12

boxwood clippings_winnie's workshop 13

Thank you Nancy and Meredith! We had a such a great time!

Click HERE for upcoming classes, make sure to look at the kid classes too.

Please inquire about any special requests, private parties and group discounts. Nancy and Meredith are so great to work with and will work with almost any budget. We are already thinking of future birthday parties and girlie retreats!

We had a crazy good time and know you will too!

Nancy and Meredith will be at the Utah Art Market this weekend (Fri Feb 1st+ Sat Feb 2nd) selling their gorgeous letter-pressed stationary and ‘wacky woollies’…we can’t wait to see what these two talented ladies bring!

The Pumpkins are Growing!

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Do you guys remember my story about my little seed? Well here’s the update…they’re taking over everything!

Who knew planting little seeds could turn into such a mess! We’ve tried to get things under control by trying to get them to grow upwards instead of out, and it’s working quite well.

These wild plants became our babies this summer, and we’ve enjoyed seeing them grow daily. But the real fun is still ahead, decorating and eating them!

Over at Better Homes and Gardens, I’ve been finding all sorts of inspiration:

We ended up planting three different varieties and colours: green, white and orange. I’m hoping we’ll get enough to feel super festive once the weather turns.

There’s something very satisfying about growing things, I feel quite accomplished!

A Jillian Michaels Resolution

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Without a doubt the world’s most popular new years resolution has to be to lose the lbs or to become healthier in one way or another and I am a total sucker.  Every year I resolve to either exercise every day, drink unearthly amounts of water, not eat sugar, and every year undoubtedly fail.

This year I am trying to be a little more realistic.  I am trying to learn that I can’t do everything, and that I shouldn’t set goals that I know I cannot maintain.  I find one of the hardest challenges with exercise is time.  I have so much going on in my day I don’t want to spend an hour working out plus the time to and from the gym.

Enter Jillian.

The woman is insane, and her workouts are only 20 mins.  Sure, I might want to kill myself during those 20 minutes, but Jillian’s words of “A 400 lb person can do this and so can you!” somehow pushes me through.  When it’s over I feel like I’ve spent hours at the gym.  30-Day shred is my favorite of her DVD’s so far and right now is only $6.99 at Amazon.

Another favorite and quick workout is running.  Nothing beats how you feel when you are done with a run.  It is mightly cold outside so I asked Santa for some gloves like THESE from Target:

Thanks Santa!  I also found a pair of running compression tights in my closet after Christmas saying “To Emily, From Emily”, I guess I knew I would need some major compression after all those feasts!

Hopefully these few attempts will keep me moving, wish me luck!

What are you trying new this year to keep your goals?


Coming out from Hibernation

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

The warmth is finally here and I have started my early morning and late night runs.  Oh my it has been a while!  The first time out I thought I was going to die, but now 3 weeks in, I’m back into my regular rhythm.

I have never had a desire to train for a race, I’m a lone rider and love running when no one is about except the birds and the early morning rays of sunshine (I sometimes run like Phoebe and Rachel from Friends, so it’s a good thing for humanity that nobody can see me).

It feels so great to breathe in the cool air, run through sprinklers, smell the flowers, and get my body out of its long winter hibernation.  Sometimes I run in silence when I want some peace and just to enjoy the morning, but most the time I need to blast my ipod to get me going.

Here’s my quick 30 minute crazy-energizing/cheesy/gangsta mix that is guaranteed to make you move!

"baby" remix -justin Beiber/ludacris (i got the fever)
"imma be" -black eyed peas
"when i get you alone" -glee cast
"e.t." -katy perry/kayne west
"firework"-katy perry
"animal" -neon trees
"tonight"-enrique eglesias
"just can't get enough" -black eyed peas
"f'in perfect"-pink

the husband just warned me that I should preface that I buy the "clean" versions
...I am so naive!