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DIY Door Signs

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Sarah has been wanting signs on her doors for a really long time and has been on the hunt at all of our favorite stores.
Of course she came up with the cutest DIY signs to make herself, that took no time at all and only cost a few dollars each!

boxwood clippings | door signs

boxwood clippings | door signs

She found these little plaques at Hobby Lobby.

They cost $2.99 for a 4-pack.

boxwood clippings | door signs
She gave each plaque two coats of chalkboard paint (any brand will work).

boxwood clippings | door signs

Next she used THIS fine tip chalkboard pen to write her signs.

boxwood clippings | door signs
She used our favorite command strips HERE to attach to doors.

boxwood clippings | door signs
These look so great in person!

We love little ways to personalize our homes, especially easy projects like these!

Em’s House: Adding Buffalo Check

Monday, October 26th, 2015

A good black and white buffalo check is one of my favorite things this fall!

It seems THIS fabric was out of stock foreveeer at my local Ikea,
so I snatched it up in a heartbeat when I saw it store a few weeks ago!

boxwood clippings | buffalo plaid notice board


boxwood clippings | buffalo plaid pillow
A newly covered notice board and a few pillow can really change things up, in the best of ways.

All hail to the buffalo check! Who’s with me?!

Holler (Almost) Dollar: Ikea Black and White Bowls

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

What is black and white and has dots and stripes all over it?

THESE cute new bowls from IKEA!

boxwood clippings | ikea bowl black and white

Perfect size for portion control and to stack up on your open shelving (HERE)!

Black and white forevvverrr…. xxx

Painted Pine Cone Garland

Monday, September 21st, 2015

There is NOTHING we love more than a simple project that turns the ordinary into something special!

While scrounging through our fall decorating tubs we found lots of loose pine cones begging to become something!

boxwood clippings | pinecond garlandWe brushed on some white craft paint and tied them together with a piece of twine…

boxwood clippings | pinecond garland 2

A five minute garland to spruce your home for fall, a great one for the kiddies as well!

Have a fab Monday xxx

Mini Flower Arrangements

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Happy Monday! We hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready to tackle the week?!

Today we’re sharing the easiest centerpiece idea that can double as a party favor to make any get together a little more special…

mini flower arrangements| boxwood clippings

mini flower arrangements| boxwood clippings

mini flower arrangements| boxwood clippings

We love how these mini arrangements look clustered together as well as how cute they are individually to give as a favor at the end of the evening.

To create this look we bought three bouquets from Walmart for $5 each. We then gathered all our random glass jars. You know the ones…spaghetti sauce, baby food etc jars. You can even just use little plastic cups if you don’t have glass. Then we just clipped the stems and divided between jars…zero floral arranging skills needed!

We made 20 arrangements averaging less than $1 each!

Pretty, thrifty AND organizing our jar cupboard…win, win, win!